LOOK: Yaffed Ad in Midtown Manhattan Says About Yeshiva Student: “I Receive Zero Secular Education”

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  1. just watch a Mark Dice video when he interviews young people about basic concepts about America — like what is the capital of the U.S., who is the president,etc. and you’d realize how bad the American public school system is for the average student.Yeshiva graduates can beat the average public school student easily in intelligence,knowledge and certainly in values and ethics.

  2. The individual leading this charge to keep the Chassisdim uneducated has a Harvard law degree. You can’t make it up. Our world makes no sense anymore.

    Just this past weeks Hamodia Inyan section had a story about the Vilna Gaon’s MATH sefer on geometery topics. I guess that Sefer is off limits to communities who do not educate their children.

    Now with the above said I get it why we have to fight the government on mandating what we should do and not do. However we all know there are schools that simply do not educate their children. If we do not police ourselves then what do you expect the government to do?? I get it there are many successful people in these communities. However the government assistance numbers in these communities are off the charts.

    • If we do not police ourselves then what do you expect the government to do?

      “We” have no business policing schools our children aren’t in.

      I’m 100% confident that you only support one-way policing of Chasidish schools. If it is was the opposite way around and the Chasidim were successfully demanding to police what is taught in the non-Chasidish schools you would be howling and hyperventilating in protest.

    • The individual leading this charge to keep the Chassisdim uneducated has a Harvard law degree. You can’t make it up.
      How ironic that you would say “You can’t make it up.” because that is EXACTLY what you just did here.

      You wrote so many different lies in one sentence that I have to give you credit.

      (1)There is no single individual leading this campaign against the proposed regulations.

      (2)there is no campaign to keep the Chassisdim uneducated. (actually, you mean secularly uneducated but from your viewpoint, that is probably the only education that is real)

      (3)Rav Yisroel Reisman and Rav Elya Brudny never went to college let alone Harvard. Even Avi Schick the LAWYER representing the Yeshivas in this fight went to Columbia Law school and not Harvard.

      • Um really??
        1. You ever heard of Chaim Dovid Zwiebel? He runs the Agudah. He has a Harvard Law Degree. Plus he a board member of PEARLS.
        2. Who do you think got Rav Yisroel Reisman, Rav Elya Brudny and Avi Schick involved? It was not Satmar but it was the Agudah I would think (I do not know for certain but I think this is a good assumption)
        3. Yes I mean secular education. Having a Torah education is #1!! However everyone should have a BASIC secular education. This does NOT mean they need to go to college. Just a good well rounded education. Up to a secular 8th grade level is even good enough.

  3. The person behind this is a RASHA MERUSHA! He has the din of an active rodef! Can’t this moser be charged with falsifying slanderous public ads? It’s %100 false that all chassidim get 0 secular education. You can’t put up a public slanderous lie. It’s like shouting fire in a movie theater. This evil wicked man is an anti semite who with this public slanderous poster, is causing more anti semitism to spread.

  4. you may have received zero secular education but, as far as i know,jews have learned math to determine what a t’chum shabbos is, how high a fence must be, astronomy to determine when rosh chodesh is, biology to determine how and where to shecht…and i could go on and on. perhaps you should blame yourselves for not paying attention to rebeeim when you were learning gemorah

    • Actually Bob, we have it on the Internet too. Have you heard of the Internet? We have many avenues to advertise. Thank you Matzav for noticing.

  5. Who is this liar talking about? I know many people having graduated at these schools and they all did learn english, math, science (maybe to a lesser extent, I don’t know), and social studies. Perhaps they could’ve done more, but 0? That’s a blatant lie.

    • It really isn’t a blatant lie.
      Go to certain kehillos and you will find teens who are illiterate in English.
      It’s just a (sad) fact.

      • I have plenty of friends who teach in NYC public schools who can testify as to the illiteracy of a significant number of students who are illiterate in any language.

      • To anonymous: The reason that teens and adults are illiterate has ZERO to do with the education they receive. This is a community issue. These children talk Yiddish at home, in yeshiva, to their friends. Talking English for perhaps eight hours a week does not make you literate in English. In addition, after bar mitzvah there is no English spoken. I once tutored a boy from a very chasidishe home. This boy was the only one from his family who spoke decent English. The mother told me this boy learned English in the bungalow colony because for a few summers he had some friends who spoke English.

  6. It really isn’t a blatant lie.
    Go to certain kehillos and you will find teens who are illiterate in English.
    It’s just a (sad) fact.

  7. even if its true
    you dont take to the streets
    its a blatant chillul hashem
    if his agenda would be real and not as a revenge for the anger that he has in him
    he could of gathered peacefully parents and meet with the schools
    but the way he is handling this
    its wrong

  8. Unfortunately, this is true to a certain extent (at least for certain kehilos, mostly chasidish, as far as boys over bar-mitzva age are concerned)! For girls, absolutely not true. Also not true for many other mosdos for boys, including some chasidishly inclined mosdos. However, almost all boys’ chadarim that I know of have Secular instruction. Not as much as the girls, but enough to get by. The boys are largely not very interested, to be honest. Yet they do learn most of the basics. Most of the Hanhalos and parents whose kids are affected have no desire for their sons and students to be exposed to secular literature, even the Classics, and the Sciences, in particular (especially with the hashkofos and worldview that are being promoted today by the Bd of Ed.) Many parents who are interested in enhancing their sons’ limited secular knowledge take private tutors.

  9. To anonymous who was the fourth comment on this story. You write, however, the government assistance numbers in these communities are off the charts. This is one of the myths Moster and his cronies like to showcase. The fact is many young men choose to learn in Kollel for a few years. In the chasidishe communities when the husband joins the workforce the wife usually stays home with the children. On a kollel stipend and the minimum wage the wife earns you will qualify for government programs.

      • And therefore?? I also pay my share of taxes. But a debate if someone should learn in kolel has nothing to do with the education issue. Just by the way, I would think someone learning in kollel deserves the government programs more than some inner-city family who spends their money on drugs and alcohol.

        • And therefore:

          I am not interested in having my tax dollars channeled to families where (a) the husband decides to be a “long-term-learner”, and/or (b) the wife is making $25 an hour as a teaching assistant, and (c) this family has more children than they can support-financially and are relying on government programs to support them.

          I am equally not interested in funding government programs to support inner-city families who spend their money on drugs or alcohol.

  10. Aren’t we in a free country. We may choose to read and write in whichever language we see fit. We may choose to teach our children how we see fit. Isn’t this against the law?

  11. To: ah yid,
    You definitely have a good point as far as Yiddish-speakers are concerned. In my neighborhood, in Monsey, most children speak only Yiddish at home and among their friends. Their Yiddish is somewhat lacking and difficult to follow at times, as they substitute so many English words and phrases that it’s actually a new form of “Pidgin-Yiddish”!
    They are somewhat inarticulate in English, as well. They improvise with lots of Yiddish words for the proper English. Until the age of 8, many girls barely even know a couple of English words! Then, they seem to put a little more emphasis on speaking English in school and their comprehension improves. With the boys, it’s way worse! However, no one seems to be concerned about it(other than me, apparently)!

  12. What everyone fails to mention is that It is not the yeshivas that are imposing a ban on secular education on their young charges; they are merely fulfilling the wishes of the parents. If the parents were to demand serious secular education in yeshiva it would be provided.

    But by and large the parents are the ones who wish to exclude secular studies. Why? In the 1950’s and ’60’s secular society was comparatively benign and parents didn’t consider a limited exposure to secularism in general to be threatening. Nowadays, however the values of Western culture are downright dangerous to our youth. And the worse these values become , the greater the flight toward insularity. it is improper for those who practice Orthodox Judaism with its attendant sensitivity to avoid coarse language, to even describe the deviance and depravity to which American culture ascribes. Suffice it to say, no metal detectors are needed in yeshivas, while in many if not most, it is quite ubiquitous. So parents must decide: should they opt for secular sturdies in the yeshiva, knowing that this decision might have the effect of exposing their children at a tender and impressionable age to the violence and unwholesome behavior of society, or perhaps a more cautious approach would be wiser; to defer to such exposure until such time as our youngsters reach an appropriate level of maturity. But let me emphasize again; it is the parents who make the decision, not the faculty of the Yeshiva.

    In the case of the founder of YAFFED, it was the father of Naftuli Moster who chose to send his son to the Belzer Yeshiva. He could have chosen to send his son to a yeshiva that provided for a full high school education similar to the education he received at the Telshe Yeshiva in Wickliffe, Ohio from which he graduated and received an accredited diploma. But Rabbi Moster chose a different path for his son. Naftuli Moster has no justification in holding the yeshivas responsible for his illiteracy. If he has any beef at all it ought to be with his father and mother for their purported lack of parenting skills or perhaps the bad choices they made for him.

    Nafuli Moster might argue that the “neglect” that he suffered at the hands of his parents was in effect a form of child abuse or endangerment of the welfare of a minor. To blame the Yeshiva makes as much sense as a malnourished man whose parents fed him only bread and water his entire life, to blame the bakery where his parents purchased the bread and the water company who delivered the water to the house.

    However, if YAFFED is truly sincere in effecting change the proper way would be to open a yeshiva that will be more suitable for their taste. It is America and it still a free country last I heard.

    • Wow. Thank you. You explained the situation beautifully. I hope the haters who commented above will read your comment.

  13. All you need to know is that the board members of YAFFED are some of NY’s leading TO’EVA, (immoral, depraved “lifestyle” advocates). That is their main agenda. Everything else they say is a charade.

    They do not care how many hours we spend learning Bava Kamma but their main goal is to get their perversions and tumah “lifestyle”-agenda into our curriculum.

  14. the comments are appreciated

    those in the know Who however are largely not part of the official comfy establishment are saying that We are
    fighting less crucial important battle
    that is we’re so obsessed with hours
    that is not the main issue And the state board it’s Insidious backers are fully aware
    the main issue as stated by one commentator eloquently above is not how many hours they teach but what
    we Can give in and accommodate the state when it comes to some Limited
    there are certain subjects That ought to be unequivocal red lines Where
    Shall not be any compromise whatsoever

    Some are busy pontificating to us the wrong issue due to their own self absorbed connections They will pull soon out some underhanded mysterious deal and claim that we won even if it’s Fool’s Gold
    this should be a should be about right and wrong for everyone Or do we prefer a shady quid pro quo for our

  15. Some receive secular educations equal to the law’s requirements and many don’t. The requirement of the law is most assuredly not particularly onerous. It’s not Harvard Law School. It’s extremely basic. And it is the law.

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