Looking for a Minyan at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland?

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Ed Wittenberg reports for Cleveland Jewish News:

Rabbi Yossi Freedman, co-director of Chabad of Downtown Cleveland, said the Chabad will offer a space downtown for prayers, services and food during the Republican National Convention July 18-21.

Freedman said the Chabad is renting the ground-floor open space at 55 Public Square previously occupied by John Q’s Steakhouse, which closed in 2013, from Optima Management Group of Cleveland.

Services will be offered at 6:45 and 7:45 a.m. each day of the convention.

The space will also be used as a pop-up restaurant, manned by Chef Dave’s Catering, a kosher catering business based in Beachwood, Freedman said.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served there, and to-go items will also be available, said Larry Frank, president of Chef Dave’s Catering.

“We’ll be there to service all the Jewish people coming in for the convention –delegates and different people coming in for networking,” Freedman said. “We’ve reached out to David Gilbert(president and CEO of the Cleveland Host Committee of the RNC), and he is forwarding people to us if they are in need of Jewish services.”

Freedman, who is overseeing the project with his wife, Chaya, the other co-director of Chabad of Downtown Cleveland, emphasized the organization is “apolitical” and is there to serve all Jewish people who take part in the convention regardless of their political affiliation.

“It’s a great opportunity for us, especially since we are very close by the (Cleveland) Convention Center and The Q (Quicken Loans Arena),” he said. “We’re about a block or two away from everything that’s happening.”



  1. Why should any frum Jew want to attend the convention? Whats to be gained? Its a place meant for goyim. A Yids place is to lay low. Why must they show their face on public television?

  2. Cleveland has a VERY strong orthodox presence but it is almost exclusively in the eastern suburbs like Cleveland Heights, University Heights, Shaker Heights, Beachwood. So I can’t say whether or not there are any other options in the immediate vicinty of the convention venues.

  3. Ruck and save. If the GOP convention makes you daven, please be sure to make sure you say the Shemonei Esrei prayer against heretics carefully. Trump might be more than ready to make the yireh tight nasty mention.

    Seriously however, Cleveland has a great mikveh at Khal Yeraim and the grocery store is down the street. Make yourself very comfortable if you are in Cleveland. It might be productive humor.



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