Looking for Votes, Joe Lazar Makes Appearance at Belzer Melava Malka

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lazarOn Motzai Shabbos, February 6th,Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz, Vice President of Agudath Israel, stood before and overflow crowd at the Belzer M’lava Malka, and told the people of the importance of registering to vote, and the urgency of actually going out to vote on March 23rd.

Joe Lazar was warmly introduced as the candidate of choice to fill the seat of outgoing City Councilman Simcha Felder. Rabbi Orlander, who introduced Lazar, said, “We don’t need change. Over the last year we’ve seen a lot of change and all our Mosdos are left with is change. We need continuity of service and Joe Lazar, the choice of the majority of the Mosdos Hatorah, and the choice of the Belzer Mosdos, will give us that continuity.”

Joe Lazar spoke before the gathering of over 1,000 Belzer Chasidim and told the audience, in a fluent Yiddish, how important the March 23rd Special Election for City Council is to the community. Lazar explained that the community’s political influence has suffered because of voter apathy in the past. He said that strong voter turnout in the Special Election will force the City Council to allocate more money for services in the community. “It is a fact that the community that votes the most gets the most City services,” said candidate Joe Lazar, an expert in New York City and State budgets. “If we don’t want budget cuts to our government-sponsored programs and we want the funding that will enable our community to grow and prosper in the future, we all must come out and vote on March 23rd.”

Lazar vowed that his offices will always be open to the Mosdos Hatorah and the entire community. He promised that he will be the Coucilman most responsive to the needs and concerns of community residents and that he will bring the same compassion and understanding that he has always shown to the chasidic community to his work at City Hall.

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  1. I was there and there were way more than 1000 Chasidim and when they announced Jo Lazar the place erupted..
    Gavriel wasn’t event there.. or at the shuvu dinner… or anywhere.. Maybe he conceded Boro Park… I think he’s finally got the message that the Yiddishe mosdos are with Joe… Go JO Go!!!

  2. Nachman Caller esq. deserves serious
    consideration as a worthy shliakh tsibbur who is beholden to nobody.

    Caller, an attorney, would be totally
    devoted to the task of being oisek beh tsohr-kai tsibbur beh-eh-moo-nah. In my opinion,
    Caller’s hashkafa is in accordance with
    Orthodox Jewish values. Contrary his opponents, Caller would not put so-called
    practical business interests above rukhnius

  3. While Caller may, and probably is, a great guy he has no business coming in to this race when 2 frum yidden with a lot of money and support are already in it. He risks giving the seat over to the lone goy republican… Mr. Caller cannot win and is only in this for some extra exposure to his law business.

  4. #4 “Caller, a great guy has no business coming into this race…” People want him to run because they’re tired of politics as usual.

  5. #7 “Vito Lopez putting” Caller up to it…”

    No, not true. Caller does not need to resort to that. He’s not part of political establishment. Caller is independent.

  6. I am in agreement with Dov Hikind on this one: This is an anyone but Greenfield campaign. Call up any of the heads of any of the MAJOR Jewish organizations and ask them who they personally think you should vote for, they will all tell you that Greenfield is a Shakran! Unfortunately Greenfield has a sickness which causes him to think he accomplishes everything, and it’s just not true. Vote for Nachman Caller, Joe Lazar or Jonathan Judge. Below I pasted the names of all of the heads of major Jewish organizations: Rabbi David Zwiebel
    Executive Vice President
    Agudath Israel of America
    [email protected]
    Rabbi Pesach Lerner
    Executive Vice President
    National Council of Young Israel
    [email protected]
    Rabbi Steven Weil
    Executive Vice President
    Orthodox Union
    [email protected]
    Rabbi Basil Herring
    Executive Vice President
    Rabbinical Council of America
    [email protected]
    Rabbi Aaron Lipskar
    Executive Vice President
    The Aleph Institute
    [email protected]
    Rabbi Moshe Vizel
    Executive Vice President
    [email protected]
    Rabbi David Niederman
    United Jewish Organizations
    [email protected]


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