Los Angeles Cheder’s 24th Annual Dinner

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On Wednesday evening, 13 Sivan/June 7, the Los Angeles community will join the Los Angeles Cheder in celebrating its 24th annual dinner at its beautiful hall.

It was an auspicious day in Elul 5748, September 1988, when 30 young boys gathered on La Brea Avenue for the first day of cheder. The frum Los Angeles community was largely founded by Holocaust survivors who built many local mosdos with great mesirus nefesh.  Finally, the community was prepared for the pinnacle of its achievements with the inauguration of a cheder, connecting the world of the European chadorim with the needs of a new generation.

Today, the cheder encompasses the Gan-Udel pre-school, the Bais Tzivia Elementary school for girls, the cheder for boys, and the mesivta for bochurim. Yiddish is the language of choice, reinforcing the timeless link between the young students and their rich mesorah.

The Bais Tzivia girls are renowned for their tznius and refinement. The cheder has raised the standards of chinuch in Los Angeles and drawn many new families to relocate to the city. Now in its 25th year, it continues to produce ehrliche talmidim and talmidos under the leadership of the menahel, Rabbi Simcha Ullman.



  1. Why don’t you put up a photo of the Cheder’s beautiful building instead of a picture of an ugly school bus in front of a Goyishe High School which is located 20 miles away from our community?


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