LOSING A GENERATION: US College Enrollment Plummets

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Hundreds of thousands of students have decided to put off higher education this year.

According to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse, undergraduate enrollment this fall declined by 3.6% from the fall of 2019. That’s more than 560,000 students and twice the rate of enrollment decline seen last year. Most of that decline occurred at community colleges, where enrollment fell by more than 10%, or more than 544,000 students.

“To see this level of decline all at once is so sudden and so dramatic,” says Doug Shapiro, who leads the research center at the National Student Clearinghouse. “It’s completely unprecedented.”

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  1. This may very well be a good thing alot of the Teachings in college is not real education just empty courses about nothing of importance plus the colleges promote and brainwash the students with all the new age leftist and liberal ideals and values

  2. Why is that negative?
    Most subjects can and should be studied at a distance. A few require physical attandance i.e. medical and nursing school, but most of the physical attendance takes place at hospitals wards, and there is no shortage of them all over the country. Medical students of course can attend over the internet their classes on biological fluid dynamics or medical image processing etc…

    Does this website really mind that “fraternities” and “sororities” will at last disappear for good?

    • its just the website wagging their finger “look at what dem libaaaaarrruuulllsss did!” even though they don’t encourage secular education themselves.

  3. Who says it’s so bad that the younger generation will not be indoctrinated with shtussim from those corrupt professors? President Trump promised be’ez”H after his inauguration to get rid of these damaging professors.


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