Loss of 1,500 Rooms Not Necessarily Bad News for Pesach Programs

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pesachWith three weeks to the start of Pesach (eve of March 29th), Jewish newspapers still featured advertising for one of the many programs all over the US. Sources say that an estimated 20,000 vacationers will spend the holidays in major hotels. But they also point out that there will be 1,500 fewer rooms than last year, namely as a result of the shutdown of five programs, three by the Smilow family. Guests who booked at some of these programs have scrambled to re-book in other programs.

One food distributor said that he believed that the programs were 20% ahead of last year when the recession first impacted the programs. “It is really a consolidation that will in the end have more guests and less empty rooms,” he said.

In other words, he points out, the operators will have less empty rooms. There appeared to be some last minute bargains as several of the programs dropped prices in an attempt to fill their remaining rooms. The program operators had become accustomed to the last-minute bargain hunters who trade in the lower prices for some of the less desirable rooms.

Yitzchok Neger who operates a major program in Lancaster PA will have more than 1,100 guests in what he calls the “Wal-Mart model,” offering prices at around $1600 per person. He and several other operators who are also in that price range hope that volume will allow them to turn a profit even at the lower prices. Even some of the most successful programs still have 30-35 rooms to fill.

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  1. I was learning the Halochos and it says you should set the table with nice “kalim” etc….
    i dont understand these people who have big,beautiful homes and they choose to squeeze into a hotel. I was there you have Wealthy grown ups waiting on line for a omlet!!! and fighting with a 12 year old who may have cut the line. WAKE UP PEOPLE REALIZE WHO YOU ARE STAY HOME AND IF YOU HAVE TO HIRE A COOK. I think if people thought about it they would realize PEASACH IS NOT FOR A HOTEL and I say that for your own comfort forget about the Kashrus.

  2. Wealthy people with big homes go to squeeze in a hotel,wait on line for an omelet fighting with kids who may have cut the line,have to eat on the hotel schedule NOT YOUR OWN, have a beautiful silver “KARA” sitting at home with all the rest of the silver cups that are wasted. I JUST DON’T GET IT!!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s amazing how arrogant these wealthy Hotel vacationers are! At least they pay their tution on time – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. I went away for two years with my family. It was the first time in 25 years that my entire family was together for the Chag. No one has room for all of us. It was wonderful !!

    However, It really wasn’t “Pesach”, at least the way we “like it”.

    Also it really was not great with young children/grandchildren.

    Even though we had our own “Seudah room” it really wasn’t Pesach (and quite frankly, not being wealthy, it really stretched the budgets.

    I can truly say, that a home Pesach is the only way to go.

  5. Why are hotels the boogie men? Pesach hotels are a premium product for peoplw who can afford it and pay there tuition on time. After that, all bets are off. Besides, who says that Shprintzy’s sheitel and the fortune that people spend on their multiple cars, homes and summer homes are a better use of private money? MYOB and enjoy Pesach as you see fit for yourself-not as you see fit for me.

  6. The classic vort says:
    You want a kosher Pesach, stay home.
    You want “ah zeez (sweet) passover, go to the hotel (not really kosher).

  7. for some of us making pesach is very difficult!!!!!!!!!!!! if i could afford it i would love to go to a hotel and experience Pesach as a yom tov instead of unbelievable seemingly endless work. sorry i know many of you don’t like to hear it but that is what it feels like to me.

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  9. It seems that another hotel is about to close up, and the people that booked for pesach are going to be messed up. The place right out of Lakewood where Shlomo Gertner is supposed to be for pesach is about to tank. apparently the staff who were supposed to get paid before pesach were not paid yet and they are telling the owner that they arnt showing up. I hope these people have option of staying home

  10. it seems thet Gertner is getting messed up twi ce and may be home for passover. He switched from hotel that closed to the one in Asbury park NJ and now that one seems to be on verge of not opening also. Anyone want Mr gertner for Yom tov?

  11. I have been finding the jewish holidays more painful each year. I am 59 years old, female, attractive single, with no children and a small non religious family ( two sisters and mother) all of whome live out of town. Despite the many invitations I receive in my community, I don’t have a family; work is becoming more and more stressful and frankly I don’t have the mental energy to do all the preparations necessary. Changing over my kitchen has become more difficult and for what?
    I just am depressed and in tears with every holiday. The organzied programs offer me a chance not to be dependent on others. I havent booked yet because yes they are expensive and for single people outrageously more. No good options for chol moed if you are alone. And there programs are also family oriented and for someone without a family, painful. I have been torah observant since my late 20’s and never thought I would consider becoming non observant but it frequently crosses my mind.


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