Lost Yemeni Jewish Boy Returns Home, Was Not Kidnapped


yemen1After being lost for about two days in Raida district of Amran province, Benyamin Amran al-Nahari, an 8 year old boy, returned back home on Monday morning.
Binyamin was lost suddenly last Shabbos. He was found in an area called Orgat al-Qudaimi. “We took him back home,” Ibrahim Yahiya, one of Binyamin relatives,  told the Yemen Observer. Media had reported that Binyamin was kidnapped as a result of the sentencing of the murderer of Masha al-Nahari, who received a death sentence. Kidnappers, it was said, were trying to have the execution of Abdul-Aziz al-Abdain waived. Yahiya said that none of these things occurred and it was an ordinary accident that may happen to any child the age of Binyamin.

{The Yemen Observer/Matzav.com}



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