Louisville TV Station Says Steelers Beat “Jew York Jets”


jew-york-jetsThis is the thing about TV, especially something wit the immediacy of a newscast – you’re always this close to a massive mistake.

WLKY, a Louisville-based station, experienced an unfortunate brush with this reality while giving viewers a rundown of yesterday’s AFC Championship Game. Yes, the graphic says the Jets are from “Jew York.” Yes, we admit we were amused. No, we do not think the network was as amused as we were, and yes, we imagine some poor producer had an interesting discussion with one superior or another.

Beware typos, people.

{Sports Grid/Matzav.com}


  1. Also that he really does’t like either New York or Jews. Kentucky isn’t one of the most progressive states around, and I’m sure there are some people in KY that have never met a real live Jew and so they wouldn’t be sensitive to insulting us.

  2. baruch dayan haemes on the jets but “kshem shemevarchim al hatov kach tzarich levarech al hara” but it was a close game and we fell short at the end . But list next year at this time we will be making a hatov vehametev on them and congratdulating them on the superbowl win!!!!!!!!

  3. Amen, Jack! We love our Jew York Jets and wish them bracha and hatzlacha bchol maasei yidayhem! What a great season! And to beat Payton and the Colts, then Brady and the Pats? And to get whomped in the first half, then dominate the second half against the Steelers? A moirahdike, gevaldige playoff ride! Go Packers!!


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