Lunatic Yad Vashem Vandal: ‘I Wish I Could Have Blown Up Knesset’

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yad-vashem“I wish I could have blown up the Knesset, the Supreme Court and several IDF bases,” said Elchanan Esterovitch, who is suspected of being behind the vandalism attack on the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in Yerushalayim.

Esterovitch, 31, a resident of Yerushalayim, was arraigned today and is being accused of trespassing, vandalism and damaging public property.

Police are alleging that Esterovitch was responsible for defacing Yad Vashem’s main entrance, spraying graffiti reading “Hitler, thanks for the Holocaust,” “If Hitler didn’t exist the Zionists would have had to invent him,” “Israel is the secular Auschwitz of the Sephardic Jewry” and “Jews wake up – the Zionist regime is dangerous.”

Three other suspects were detained following the attack.

Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev said the attack, which shocked the country and deeply pained Holocaust survivors, was the worst the museum has ever experienced and asserted the importance of discovering the identities of those involved.

“I believe that it was important to know the identities of those who spray-painted the graffiti,” he said. “The suspects are extremist ultra- Orthodox Jews, anti-Zionists, who are on the fringes of society and do not represent the majority who respect the memory of the Holocaust.”

“Throughout all of Jewish society and Israeli society [Yad Vashem is] a symbol of unity, of tolerance, of values and openness, of discourse and dialogue among all types of ideas,” Shalev said on the day of the attack.

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  1. This man sounds desperate for attention. The least he’s given, the better off we’ll all be. Lock him up, throw the key away. And stop the publicity.

  2. Arutz Sheva’s original headline was ‘I Wish I Could Have Blown Up Knesset’. Nowhere in that article was any mention whatsoever made about the suspect’s mental state.

    3. Why, therefore, did your sub-editor feel it necessary to add the word ‘lunatic’ to the headline here on

    4. Is that an example of “objective and dispassionate reporting of the facts”?

  3. Mega Chilul Hashem.
    The entire hashgafa of NK breeds violence, sicko attention disorders and complete lack of kavod shamayim.

  4. Saying that “if hitler (ym’s) did not exist, the zionists would have had to invent him” only goes to show that the Naturei Karta has no belief in G-d.

  5. we have to help each other, and watch out for each other. children, teens, etc, who are in distress and not being tended to properly, need to be dealt with. we must watch out for each other. this ill person didnt get proper healthy upbringing, and its horrific.
    kol yisroel areivim ze le zeh…..

  6. Living in Israel, we are all victims of the Knesset
    The only people who like the Knesset are those who have some material gain or interest. The rest of the country hates the place.

  7. The NK did not say or do these things. An individual did. To judge an entire group based on the actions of a few is as close the defining prejudice as can be.
    All ye great liberals, Chilonim, and “MO” types, try to be true to yourselves and either admit bigotry or refrain.

  8. Zundel, like it or not, it houses your representatives so don’t bash it. Otherwise move to the good ol US of A. Happy July 4!!!


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