Luxury Apartment Owners’ VIP Relationship With State Officials


One of the famous challenges for those building in Jerusalem is that of bureaucracy. Countless delays and hassles can, however, be avoided by obtaining the much-coveted “protexia” — a personal connection to a government representative.

No one is more aware of this than the founders of Jerusalem Estates, an expansive yet serene luxury complex in the heart of Jerusalem. That is why they have made a clever strategic move: A private government official has been appointed specifically to deal with matters pertaining to the neighborhood. This sets buyers at ease, assured that deadlines will be met. This also sets a new precedent for building projects in Israel.

The move is consistent with nearly everything about the Jerusalem Estates project, in that great pains are being taken to make sure that buyers’ needs are met, and that all residents feel that they are receiving a true luxury experience.

Whether or not other builders will choose to follow this new precedent of creating a truly buyer-friendly environment has yet to be seen.

For more information about Jerusalem Estates, please contact : Sales Office, 16 King David St. Jerusalem 94101, Tel. 972-2-502-5502 | USA 718-564- 6656 . Fax. 972-2-532-3532 |



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