Lying On Arrival Could Mean 10 Years In Prison In England

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Anyone arriving in England and found to have lied about a recent visit to a country on the travel ban list faces up to 10 years in prison under new tough coronavirus border policies announced Tuesday by the British government.

Among other measures, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that from Monday, residents in the U.K. and Ireland arriving in England from the government’s “red list” will have to purchase a “quarantine package” that will cost each individual 1,750 pounds ($2,400). He also announced a series of fines for those not abiding by the rules.

“I make no apologies for the strength of these measures because we’re dealing with one of the strongest threats to our public health that we’ve faced as a nation,” Hancock told lawmakers. “People who flout these rules are putting us all at risk.”

At present, there are 33 countries, including all those in South America, South Africa and Portugal, from where travel is effectively banned largely because of concerns over new variants of the coronavirus.

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  1. In Britain, the islamonazi terrorists who stab, throw acid, and harass women get a couple years at most, often go unprosecuted altogether. Yet, the British elites have no whims about these draconian covid measures. Obviously, the British justice system is not concerned with justice, but with the population subjugation and control.


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