Maccabeats Issue Clarification Regarding Obama Video


obama-jewish-monthDear Matzav Editor,

My name is Immanuel Shalev and I am the Associate Director of the Maccabeats.

Just a quick clarification/correction to your article on the video of us with President Obama. The President’s office never asked us to take it down, they simply asked us not to post it in the first place. When it was posted by several third parties without our permission or knowledge, we asked those parties (your site included) to remove the video, as per our original instructions.


Immanuel Shalev
Associate Director
The Maccabeats

{ Newscenter}


  1. I just dont understand, what is the problem with posting this. The clarification of the White House actually makes things worse. What’s the issue here? Why can’t Jewish choirs that came to the white house, go online for everyone to see. Is this perhaps a security issue?

  2. Something doesn’t make sense here. If you go to their website, www maccabeats com they have a clip of Obama thanking them for their hideous performance anyway.

  3. even worse, this man is so appalled by Jews, he makes sure to issue a disclaimer each time he meets with them. Ok I will meet with you but don’t dare to make it public.

  4. I think people are confused. The video of our performance at the White House was posted online by the White House, and they gave the feed to Yeshiva University to post as well. That is still online. We met privately with President Obama and performed for him privately – that video remains private.

    AA – We’re not interested in getting in to politics publicly, but if you’d like to get to know us as individuals, you’ll find that many of the Maccabeats are thoughtful and sensitive to the issues.

  5. Guys, make a video that explains Israels position, that humorously shows that the other side are genocidal and dangerous. Use your position and success to help the situation. Help us move the world on to the right side…behind Israel.

    Chag samayach

  6. Uncle Tom –
    “‘Humorously'” (!) shows that the other side {is} genocidal and dangerous…”
    Sorry, neither such a message nor hip-hop (or whatever they play-not in traditional Jewish genre) is relevant to the galus and its challenges.

  7. Thanks, Maccabeats. Still, it irked patriotic Americans and confirmed the stereotype of Jews being liberals no matter what. Did you at least whisper “chas veshalom” after the performance?;)

    Have a meaningful Shavuos.


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