Machaneh Yehuda to Be Revamped

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Yerushalayim’s famous Machaneh Yehuda market is to be revamped by December with the installment of new roofs and drainage at the cost of $4 million. Once devoted exclusively to the sale of food products, the market has transformed into a leisure center with the introduction of restaurants, cafes and pubs and is attracting visitors from all over Israel. Indeed, the Tourist Ministry is covering four fifths of the new project’s expense.

The facelift began in 2001 when a vegetable store converted into an espresso bar. The area developed to the point that Machaneh Yehuda is now a major center of city night life. While all this is good for business, the place’s new character is at odds with the city’s inherent kedusha. Local residents are upset at the nightly raucous and lack of parking space and traditional food stores are concerned that they may be pushed out of business.

{ Israel News}


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