Macron Calls For Two-State Solution During Netanyahu Visit


French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated on Sunday his call for fresh Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to establish two independent states.

“I also call on the reopening of negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians as part of the search for a two state solution. Israel and Palestine living side by side, and recognize with secure borders Jerusalem as the capitol,” the new French leader said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said while he shares a desire for peaceful relations with the Palestinians, the root of the conflict does not lie with his country.

“On the Palestinian side I made it clear that our view is that the root of the conflict, the reason it goes on is the persistent Palestinian refusal to accept the Jewish state, a nation state for the Jewish people in any boundaries, and this alongside with the question of enduring security are the two pillars of peace,” the Israeli premier said. Read more at The Hill.



  1. Who is Macron to tell Netanyahu how to run his government, this can also mean Bibi can tell Macron to stop receiving all those new immigrants who will eventually take over France because the French have few babies and the immigrants will out birth them. People always see the others fault and not their own.


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