Magen Dovid Survives California Blaze That Destroyed All Its Surroundings

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In wake of the devastating wildfires that tore through Napa and Sonoma Counties, destroying nearly 5,700 homes and businesses and causing more than 30 deaths, one photographer took note of a hopeful symbol for renewal in the ashes.

The photographer was capturing footage of the destruction when he saw, in the midst of all the wreckage, a fully intact Magen Dovid.

The Jewish star is all that remained of Camp Newman, a URJ (Union For Reform Judaism) organization that was burned to the ground in the blaze.




    • I heard that in at least one of his T’shuvos, Rav Moshe Feinstein, ZT’L, explains that the Magen Dovid represents several Yisodos of Torah and thus is indeed, correctly, a major symbol of Judaism.

    • (continuation of my remark)

      Needless to say, if someone, whether from the Matzav staff or one of the readers, could please point out where that T’shuva from Rav Moshe is, it would be a big To’eles L’Rabim.

  1. Last week, at the beginning of and what was the height of the crises, it was already known that the camp had been (almost) completely decimated; however, Boruch Hashem, they were able to get all the Sifrei Torah that were there out in time before the fire came.


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