Video: Maintaining Kedushah in Yerushalayim During Chol Hamoed

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meah-shearim-mechitzah[Video below.] With the tremendous crowds filling the streets of Yerushalayim each night to take part in the countless Simchas Bais Hashoeivah celebrations, an organized system has been put in place to maintain the kedushah of the Ihr Hakodesh. Ushers were arranged to ensure that dignity is maintained, as men are directed to walk on one side of the street in Meah Shearim and women on the other.

Click below to see a video of this arrangement in action:

[media id=208 width=400 height=300]

 {Yair Israel/Video courtesy of Bechadrei Chareidim}


  1. This should be an optional choice, why should sons who are walking with older mothers, grandmothers etc. now go to the other side of the street? Not every family has mixed gender children….

  2. TO #2;
    That is why this only applies to the main throughfare (R’chov Meah Shearim). Anyone who is unable to respect the sensibilities of the residents, should find somewhere else to be Mekiam the mitzvah of Simchas Yom Tov; there are other venues available more in line with those who have no moral standards

  3. and so is this leftist poster who just can’t stop whining about frumkeit.

    This is a news site for Jews, so if you can’t live with halacha then please go whine elsewhere.

    Halacha isn’t optional. Tznius isn’t optional. Go away now.

  4. No one will oppose your 7 year old son walking with you on the ladies side, #1. The idea is to keep the women (and moreso probably the girls, who wind up stopping to shmooze in groups every few feet), to one side and not blocking the men who want to walk through an alraedy overcrowded street. The two “sides” are separated by just a thin open barrier, by all means a family can walk right along the barrier and be very much together. No one is suggesting to spend your lives going separate, it’s jsut one week with loads of ppl in a tiny space… that this must be a very welcome move.

  5. to number 3, i think it’s important to realize that this is not a chiyuv me’ikar hadin – when it comes to tznius isues, the line between legitimate community-wide siyagim and actual halacha can be blurred. My rebbe once said in shiur that a woman came to him asking for him to forge the rosh yehsiva’s signature, since she was so sure he’d sign on to a tznius kol koreh – my rebbe answered that the rosh yeshiva(his rebbe) would certainly not sign on to it, and he would not sign for him, since he did not agree with what the kol koreh said – it had standards that, although beautiful siyagim and necessary ones in certain areas decided upon by their rabbonim – nevertheless were not halacha and they were being p[resented as if they were.

    There is no halacha that men and women must be separate on a street – it is laudible that a community will do this, and it is a tremendous maylah in tznius; those that put it down are wrong and are being influenced by the zero-tznius of america, but it is also wrong to falsify halacha and present it, as number 2 2 and 3 did, as halacha.

    However once a community takes it on under the guise of gedolei yisroel, one must comply when in that community – he should not be offended, but instead inspired that there are yidden today who feel this way about tznius, without feminism, without america’s disgusting atttiudes, without the ‘just dont look’ garbage we sometimes hear, none of it. It certainly is a kiddush hashem though.

    (grada, it could be that in this kind of thiung, a simchas bais hashoeva, it could be a chiyuv al pi halacha since it might come to mixed dancing, and there might be women dancing in the streets which is assur for men to see – during parties people can get ahead of themselves, so this is very reasonable)

  6. #3 Halacha is not optional BUT seperate streets for men and women are. My great grandparents and family from Radin all walked together ON THE SAME BLOCK to the house of the Chofetz Chaim to wish a gutta moad. So Mr. Fraud—“Shalom OVeracha”.
    “who have no moral standards” – seems that the posters of succos are all aged 20 and below, beli daas……

  7. It should be pointed that there are many thousands of people on these streets on the nights of chol hamoed and people are crowded tightly together – that is why there is a need for segregation. This separation is not in place the rest of the year.


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