Major Study Of Hydroxychloroquine Use For COVID-19 Abandoned

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A once-promising study on the drug hydroxychloroquine has been halted by the Henry Ford Health System due to a lack of participants. The study, which began in April, was discontinued before Christmas because only 624 people enrolled for the clinical trial that required 3,000 participants.

Researchers wanted to investigate whether the hydroxychloroquine could prevent or slow the progress of COVID-19, but were forced to terminate, stating “given low recruitment potential, it is unlikely that a positive result will occur.”

According to the Washington Examiner, a previous study by the Henry Ford Health System found that COVID-19 patients who took the drug had half the mortality rate of those who did not. Doctors at Henry Ford Health System in Southeast Michigan said that 26% of patients who did not receive the antimalarial drug died compared to 13% of patients who received hydroxychloroquine during their stay in the hospital.

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  1. No matter what they say and no matter what the Democrats tried to push, there is no doubt that HCQ regimen along with the z-pack and zinc, helped many people. They could deny it all they want but the facts are the facts. Yes, they will come up with all sorts of twists as to why it’s not provable, but what should we do not believe our lying eyes?

    What the wizards of smart should have done, was to simply say that although there does not seem to be any conclusive evidence, try it and if it works, great! If it doesn’t work, then on to the next treatment. Instead, what they said was no it’s not going to work. How many people suffered or died because of this?

    I hope and pray that one day when the book is written, it’ll be honest and it will tell us exactly how the leftists use this disease as a weapon.

    • Please be my guest and swallow all the HCQ you like! I will avoid the disease. BTW it appears your President has passed on the HCQ and taken Regeneron instead.

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