Majority Of Americans Think Federal Government Making Pandemic Worse

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A majority of Americans, 60%, think that the federal government is making the country’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic worse, while just 39% think it’s making it better, according to a new Axios-Ipsos poll.

Many Americans have changed what they expect from government during the pandemic. A Fox News poll last month found that 57% of Americans now would tell their government to “lend me a hand,” while just 36% would say, “leave me alone.”

That’s a reversal from last year, when just 34% would tell the government “lend me a hand” and 55% opted for “leave me alone.”

Despite the fact that more Americans want the government to offer assistance, trust in the federal government has plummeted since the pandemic began. In March, more than half of Americans, 53%, said they trusted the federal government to look out for their best interests. Less than a third, 30%, now trust the federal government, according to the Axios-Ipsos poll.

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  1. The majority is correct. Pretty much every single act of Trump has made things worse, from pretending to ban travel from China, to banning testing, to telling everyone there was nothing to worry about, to botching the travel ban from Europe, to promoting medical quackery, to interfering with the delivery of medical supplies, to continuing tariffs on medical supplies, to demanding a too quick reopening, to interfering with the FDA and CDC….the list goes on and on. And the inability of the Senate to enact any further relief is also making things worse. 🙁


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