“Make Starbucks Kosher Again” Petition Gathers Nearly 5000 Signatures

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Star-K is no longer vouching for the kashrus status of Starbucks. The kashrus company noted the change on their website, writing, “Consumers are advised that effective immediately the Star-K can no longer vouch for the kashrus of items previously listed that do not bear a reliable kosher symbol this includes frappuccinos and all flavored drinks.”

The change effects possibly thousands of Jewish Starbucks drinkers who can no longer use the the coffee shop to get their daily caffeine fix.

One Jewish woman who refuses to compromise on her Kashrus or her coffee is Rivka Halpern, who has started a petition online to get Starbucks to renew their hechsher. The online movement has already gathered nearly 5000 signatures which Rivka is hoping will convince Starbucks to renew their contract with the Star-K.

From the petition:

“Please sign the petition to show that you care that it’s not Kosher anymore and would like their certification to be reinstated. If we broadcast this situation and petition to the media it will help Starbucks take notice. I am planning on reaching out to reporters but I need your help! Do you have a story or reason for how Starbucks affects your life and why you need it? If so, please share!

You can write to THIS email address:
[email protected]

Let’s make this happen!

Thank you,

Rivka Halpern

Click here to sign the petition



  1. Canyou tell me why in the world are we signing this petition. EVERY Starbucks sells Chazir yes bacon and many other non-kosher stuff. Wy cant we just lerarn to live with real kosher?

  2. most hechsharim (including star k) kasher a ben yomo after the machine/utensil is washed with heavy soap because they consider the soap to make the keilim pagum. So why cant we continue drinking at star bucks after the keilim go through the dishwasher and are considered pagum? and rely om the rule of “stam keilim ainom binei yomam”?

    • It’s not pagum because Starbucks has special dishwashers that clean with hot water and NO soap.

      That’d why Starbucks is a bigger problem than anywhere else.

  3. Why would anyone fight to make Starbucks kosher? Even if it’ll be made kosher again, how in the world can anyone eat in a place where the dirtiest slime use their bathroom freely without even having to purchase anything, leaving filth and drek behind? How can you even touch their door handles? Feh!

  4. I prefer the Krispy Kream in Penn Station. Good donuts, good coffee, good hechsher (Rabbi Isaacson of Philadelphia).

  5. I’m not understanding something here. Did anything change (besides Starbucks stopping payments to the Star-K). Did anyone ever notice a mashgiach visiting a Starbucks?

  6. It needs to regain its hechsher even though most of us agree it’s repulsive to patronize their establishment. The fact is that there are Jews all over the country who do use them and will continue to use them with all kinds of “grubba finger” explanations. Even those who are ignorant and love their coffee! How about those who live in Kalamazoo or in Nebraska and love the product. For them the hechsher should be restored! But I won’t ever walk into one of their stores ever again!

  7. You’s are all very right, but the star’k hashgocha adds nothing to the level of comfort a religious Jew need in order to patronize Starbucks coffee shop.

  8. Yes, this should be of utmost importance on everyone’s mind. How can we as Kllal Yisroel survive without patronizing a goyishe store. Especially now, when we contemplate the churban. I wonder if they had a choice of 35 flavors of coffee when the Bais Hamikdash was around. Did they have a plethora of public bathrooms?


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