MAKKAS DAM: Plague of Blood Red Rivers Suddenly Appears in Multiple Locations (Video)

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The week of Parshas Va’eira, in which the makkah of dam is described in the Torah, rivers in Malawi Africa and in Indonesia turned blood-red.

The Linthipe River in Dedza, Africa turned blood red last Wednesday, shocking residents living along the river. The river is the center of life in the village and the women were the first to notice the phenomenon when they came to do laundry in the afternoon.

“As usual, we came to this place to wash our clothes besides drawing water for home use. But to our surprise we saw that blood like stuff was flowing in the river. This scared us and we called some people to witness the bizarre circumstances,” one woman told Malawi 24, the local news site. The locals did not rule out divine intervention as the cause of the sudden change. Group Village Head (GVH) Nthandizi of the area said the issue has shocked residents as they do not know the real reason for the change of color.




  1. if the editor believes this to be makkos dam. why dont they test it .send a jew with a clear plastic jug and have them scoop it out and watch and see if it turns clear.

  2. Sorry, makas dam was a one-time event.

    The red water is caused by.microscopic algae, and is a fairly common and well understood phonomenon.

  3. There is a tradition that the Makos will be repeated before Maschiach in a manner, though not in the exact same way. This could be one of them . Even if you have an explanation how this was caused now; that doesn’t negate its occurrrence now.

  4. This has scientific reasons and was always fairly common, even before the Torah was written. That’s where the idea of Makas Dam came from.

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