Malka Schaps Becomes First Female Chareidi Dean At Israeli University

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prof-malka-schapsMalka Schaps was appointed dean of Bar Ilan University’s Faculty of Exact Sciences on Tuesday, becoming the first ultra-Orthodox woman to be appointed to this high academic post. Schaps is said to be the only female charedi professor in Israel.


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  1. We need to see her picture because a frum woman’s face has kedusha and is not prutza like the muslims believe. Another reason is that frum girls need a role model to look up to. Notice how many frum women are dressing less tznuisdike since all these frum magazines came out with no ladies pictures allowed?

  2. There are Charedi professors, male and female and several Torah frum professors, male and female in the USA. We wish her much success and to be a role model for others.

  3. To comment 4:

    Would you rather be blessed by time or churned by life. I guess when it comes to life, I like to see a new face and a new priority. She is a special person in the eve of academic freedom and perhaps your credentials are sorely lacking in priority. Either way, your issue with a female image perhaps or just the day of tomorrow is a disgrace to True Jewish Values. Good luck on that money.


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