Man Arrested For Saying Kaddish On Har Habayis


A young man was arrested Sunday for saying Kaddish on Har Habayis.

The young man was released Monday under restrictive conditions banning him from the Har Habayis for a week.

Attorney Nati Rom, who represented the detainee on behalf of the Honenu organization, said: “In the morning, a group of Jews entered the Temple Mount accompanied by police, with dozens of Arabs yelling at them ‘Allahu Akbar’ disturbing the public order. After a long time, when they were in an isolated corner, the man prayed to his Creator.”

“Unfortunately, the Israel Police chose to detain those who were attacked while using violence during the arrest, and not to delay even one of the Muslim rioters who shouted at the group,” the lawyer added.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



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