Video: Man Dies On NYC Street, Pedestrians Don’t Even Stop


nyc[Updated with video below.] A homeless man who was stabbed while saving a woman from a knife-wielding attacker lay dying in a pool of his own blood for more than an hour while several New Yorkers walked past without calling for help.

Surveillance video obtained by the New York Post shows that some passers-by paused to gawk at Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax early Sunday morning and yet kept on walking.

One man came out of a nearby building and took a cellphone photo of the victim before leaving. Another leaned over and vigorously shook the dead man before walking away. But most people never stopped.

Firefighters arrived more than an hour and 20 minutes after Tale-Yax collapsed. By that time, the 31-year-old was dead.

“They needed to help and call the police. I don’t get it,” resident Ramon Bellasco, 46, told the Post.

The incident happened at 7:21 a.m. almost a week ago at 88 Road and 144th Street in the borough of Queens, but police didn’t have a clear idea of what happened until recently.

Tale-Yax is seen on the grainy video approaching a man who was threatening a woman with a knife. The man turned and stabbed Tale-Yax but most of the action is out of the security camera’s field of vision. Both the stabber and the woman then fled in different directions and Tale-Yax stumbled a few paces before collapsing face-down on the sidewalk.

Within a minute or so, the first of a long series of people begins walking by Tale-Yax without going to his aid.

Police told the Post they received four 911 calls at around the time of the attack reporting a woman screaming, but found nothing. They said they received no other 911 calls.

The incident is reminiscent of the rape and murder of Kitty Genovese, also in Queens, in 1964. In that case, dozens of people witnessed some or all of the attack and yet no one did anything to stop it.

No arrests have been made in the latest slaying, and police have been unable to identify the woman Tale-Yax was trying to help.

Click below to view the video: 

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{AOL News/NY Post/Noam Newscenter}


  1. #6:

    The same thing happened in 1964 in Forest Hills – a woman got beaten up and killed (the attacker actually came, left, and came back); yet no witnesses came out to help, or even called the police. It’s called the bystander effect – everyone thinks someone else will do something – and that, combined with the fact that it was not an implausible scenario that the person had had a bit too much to drink, is why I am not in the least bit surprised.

  2. Some comment. Seriously, NYC street smarts dictate that unless you’re built strong and daring, confident or crazy, you don’t mix in.

  3. Why did it take 15 minutes for 9/11 to respond? Because the man was obviously homeless? Being poor isn’t just a nisayon, it’s a threat to your life.

  4. The women probalay ran for her life once she was saved. Would you look back? how can anyone blame her? she is probably still shaking.

  5. She should have reported the incident immediately, as soon as she was out of range of the attacker. Is that too much to expect of her, considering that the victim put his life on the line to save hers?


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