Man Finds $10,000 In Bag On New York City Subway Platform

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A man decided to do a good deed when he found a Chanel purse sitting unattended on the platform at the Lincoln Center-66th Street 1 train stop on Thursday morning. The commuter scooped up the stray bag, saw a note inside written in Russian and took it home with him.

That is, until he realized it was stuffed with $10,000 in cash.

“I picked it up to see if there was an identification so I could get it to the right person,” Richard Taverna told New York ABC station WABC. “I opened the envelope, and there was a big stack of money,” he said.

Taverna went to police with the bag, and the money, which has has now been reunited with its owner, according to police.

“It wasn’t mine. If someone lost $10,000, they’re probably going through a lot of distress,” Taverna said.

Read more at ABC News.




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