Man Fires Gun Over Family Not Social Distancing

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A Florida man was arrested for allegedly firing a gun inside the lobby of a Miami Beach hotel in response to a family flouting social distancing norms, a report said.

Douglas Marks, 29, is accused of squeezing off the rounds at the Crystal Beach Suites on Monday night, the Miami Herald reported, citing police.

Read more at NY Post. 



    • 7:29am, unstable people should not be walking the streets, period. If they are crazy and not taking their meds, they should be forcefully institutionalized. If they are violent predators, they should be imprisoned or executed. A gun is not necessary to kill a person; all kinds of everyday objects can be used, such as a brick to the back of a head of an unsuspecting person, a natural gas pipe can be punctured so that gas can accumulate in a closed off space then ignited, a vehicle can be used for mass murder, etc. Basically, stop thinking with your emotions and start using your head: it is evil and crazy people who commit murders; not inanimate objects. If you want to stop murders, put away the violent people.

      • That’s right, and nowadays they can mass-murder by spreading covid-19. That’s even more effective than a machine-gun.

    • If they are crazy enough that we are scared to let them have guns, they shouldn’t be walking around driving cars or owning knives, pressure cookers, propane tanks, etc.


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