Man Gets 30 Years for Plot to Kill Obama


An Ohio man who planned to kill President Barack Obama during the 2015 State of the Union address was sentenced to 30 years behind bars on Monday. Christopher Lee Cornell, who was inspired by the Islamic State, responded to his sentencing by saying, “Allah’s in control, not the judge.”

Cornell caught the attention of authorities in 2014, when he expressed support for the Islamic State terror group online. Cornell was arrested after sharing his plot to kill Obama with an informant. Cornell’s attorney had argued that the plot was never close to coming to fruition, saying his client’s ideas “were not rationally possible or remotely realistic.” “Chris created a character, with a different name, in a fantasy where this character was somebody in the world,” he said, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. Read more at the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER.



  1. So if it wasn’t practical or realistic, why was this nutcase sentenced to 30 years in prison? How is that going to help? He should be getting physiological help. He obviously is not playing with a full deck. Are we going to now round up all people with mental issues? I know the NYPD loves to execute them on the streets, but that’s a while different other story.
    Interesting that all those threatening the President elect with murder, are just laughed off by the corrupt DNC controlled injustice department. I guess, only Liberal Democrats lives matter.

  2. In no way do I condone threats against any politician let alone the POTUS, but this person quite clearly needs psychological help, rather than getting a sentence longer than his age, for his unrealistic and ridiculous statements that an informant solicited and encouraged him to make. Else, one may as well sentence to jail his cat. Which apparently is listed among the few friends of his. Anyway, I agree with commenter #1, he has been somehow lucky.

  3. I don’t know if he will sit the full 30 years, but whatever time he will serve, should be spent getting to know Bubba from West Virginia.


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