Man Killed Flying Home to Sydney for a Simcha


glattsteinA Sydney man living in the U.S. and en route to Sydney for a friend’s wedding, died when his single-engine plane crashed near Hollister Airport in California.

28-year-old Benny Glattstein was heading back to Sydney for the wedding of close friend Jamie Enoch to Miriam Vickers.

Glattstein, a former Moriah College student, had planned a scheduled stop in Hawaii and was to be a groomsman at the wedding due to be held at Sydney’s Great Synagogue on Sunday, December 5.

He was an experienced pilot who had co-operated Australian Air Ferry…a professional service ferrying aircraft around the globe.

Authorities at the crash scene told media that the single-engined Mooney is a total wreck “with debris everywhere”.

Glattstein was the only person on board the aircraft.



  1. We are all mourning over Benny. He was a warm, friendly young man who always had a smile on his face – and made you feel good whenever you saw him. I have been hassling him to come visit me in New York for the last year or more and I am so, so sad that he can never come now.

    This is a senseless, horrific tragedy and he will be sorely missed for a long time to come.


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