Man Kills 1, Injures 7 At San Diego Apartment Pool


A gunman opened fire at an apartment complex swimming pool in San Diego Sunday evening, killing one person and injuring seven others before being fatally shot by officers, police said.

The gunman, identified as Peter Selis, was pronounced dead on the scene. Police described him as a white male who may have lived in one of the buildings, and said all of the victims were African American or Hispanic. Police said they did not know if race was a factor in the attack.

Officers responded to reports of a shooting around 6 p.m. at the upscale La Jolla Crossroads apartments in San Diego’s University City neighborhood, where about 30 people had gathered for a birthday party at the pool.

A police helicopter arrived on the scene first and reported seeing a suspect armed with a handgun, surrounded by “numerous victims,” San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said in a news conference. The pilot watched the suspect reload his weapon once and open fire again on the partygoers, she said.

A witness who saw the chaos from his apartment window said the shooter appeared calm as his victims struggled on the ground in front of him.

“We could see the shooter sitting there with a beer in one hand and a gun in the other,” the witness, who was not identified, told ABC 10.


A sergeant and two officers arrived and cornered the suspect in the pool area. The suspect pointed a large caliber handgun at them, and all three opened fire, killing him, Zimmerman said. She added that the suspect may have fired at police first.

Police said seven people were struck by gunfire: four African American women, two African American men and one Hispanic man. Another African American man broke his arm while running away from the shooting. All the victims were adults.

Zimmerman said it was too early in the investigation to pinpoint a motive. Police were still interviewing witnesses and had not yet spoken at length with the three officers who opened fire, she said.

“Our hearts go out to the victims,” she said. “There’s a lot of work to be done.”


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  1. Did he try to take his Sunday afternoon nap, and they were making ruckus by the pool? Did he try to swim a few laps, and these guys were just hogging the pool and partying the entire day? Whatever his reasons were, he won’t do it anymore.

  2. So the Compost is already spinning the story to show that White people are all evil bigoted gun-toting racists and if you loosen the laws governing gun control, they would all go out get a gun and murder all blacks. Thank you.

  3. If Trump really wants to reorder the political alignments and score long term credit for himself among swing voters, he will once and for all take on the NRA

  4. Deny it if you will
    These gun massacres aren’t regularly happening in other civilized countries.
    Australia is the society probably most similar to the US .Leans masculine,mostly white, english speaking.
    They’ve been without a mass shooting(4 or more) since 1996 ! when they passed gun controls.
    In the US ,by comparison there were some 355 mass shootings (3or more) 2015 alone!
    Who’s brainwashing all of you???

      • More Gun control for all Concealed weapons

        Those who say everyone should have to have guns , what do they really want?!The Wild West?!
        Unable to go for a stroll outside unless you first take your weapon?!

    • 99.9% of firearm crimes in this country are committed by carrier criminals of black and Hispanic background, who will go on whether the guns are outlawed or not. While this mass shooting may grab your attention, a similar number of people gets shot in the gang lands of Chicago every week and sometimes in a day, without anyone’s righteous indignation. By the way, your facts on Australia are wrong too: since they outlawed gun ownership by the law-abiding, the gun crime has skyrocketed, as only the criminals are armed. The Australian Lebanese islamonazis are arming up, while you dwell in your la la land, where laws on books magically translate into safe streets.

    • Hey Binyomin, why don’t you apply your ingenious logic to nukes: let’s pass a UN resolution outlawing the nuclear weapons, let US and western countries comply and get rid of their stockpiles, hoping that Russians and Chinese will follow suit – and I didn’t even mention North Korea or Iran. If you see the fallacy of an unilateral nuclear disarmament, then you should be able to draw a parallel to a basic human right of possessing the tools of self defense. Hopefully you won’t bring a pathetic argument that individuals have a police protecting them – if police did have superpowers and could stop crime as it was happening, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation to begin with – there would never be any kind of shootings. And if you do believe in unilateral nuclear disarmament, then you sir are a prime candidate for a well deserved Darwin award – just don’t drag anyone else with you.

  5. Anonymous 1,
    Facts are disturbing,eh?so if one dislikes them ,they’ll dismiss them?

    Check up Canada too.Compare crime rates. For the record much of Canada’s gun regulations are too strict in my opinion, but only because for owning, say,a single shot bolt action shotgun is healthy for many and has it’s pluses

    Anonymous 2,

    Caught on to an outdated discussion from the 1940s & ’50s ? Check up Game Theory .

    • What are you babbling about? Which facts did I dismiss? It’s not my fault that you misquote facts and regurgitate socialist-fascist dogma. Not even mentioning that you, sir, are just as knowledgeable in your usage of its and it’s. Bringing up Canada shows your ignorance, as a) Canada does allow firearms ownership, b) the groups that are responsible for the gang culture and the firearms crimes associated with it, are pretty much absent in Canada due to its ethnic make up. Get it into your brainwashed head: Chicago, LA, DC have some of the most restrictive gun laws, yet boast some of the highest crime rates, including some of the highest gun killing rates. Mexico has guns outlawed, but it doesn’t stop it from being overrun by an epidemic of murder. Why? Because certain groups of people will commit crimes no matter what feel-good laws you make. Outlawing tools of self defense can only have an effect on the law abiding – i.e. those that would not have committed gun crimes to begin with.

  6. Thanks for bringing up nukes! wonderful!

    First,every weapons race prior to nukes ended in tragedy
    That must be what you want?!with your neighbors?? Ch”v

    Second,the nerves and tension of the cold war ? that is what you wish for your family?!

    • Stick you head in the sand all you want, the fact is that there are bad people in the world, and the only way not to fall victim is to acquire and use(when necessary) the tools of self defense. American nukes kept peace during the cold war, regardless of how it made you feel.


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