Man Making Tefillin Dies of Toxic Fumes


tefillinReuven Nadel, a resident of Moddin Illit, passed away today following a toxic fumes blast as he made tefillin. Reuven, 37, is survived by a wife and eight children, the youngest of whom is just four months old.

Police said Nadel’s death was caused by fumes from chemicals that he used to soften the tefillin  leather. He was working privately in the basement of a building to supplement the family income. During the day, he learned Torah.

The deadly fumes were formed after two chemicals were mixed, resulting in a small explosion. Reuven was apparently knocked down by the blast, leaving his face above the chemical mix, where he inhaled a large quantity of fumes.  Six paramedics who attempted to revive Reuven suffered light injuries from the fumes and were taken to Tel HaShomer hospital.

Yehi zichro boruch.

{Yair Israel/Arutz Shevah}


  1. this is veyy sad news, perhaps Hashem is trying to make us understand that we have to put more feeling into making Tefilim and wearing Tefilin i.e. like not talking in Tefilin etc.

  2. An ehrlicha yungerman, they don’t take money for learning so they work alongside their Kollel hours… what a tragedy, from working with tashmishei kedusha to support a family, to leaving a widow and orphans… BD”E

  3. Maybe Hashem wants to leave a message that a person like the one who wrote comment No. 1 should better keep his mouth shut and not try to interpert what the Bashefer is trying to say.


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