Man Shouting ‘Heil Hitler’ in Boro Park Sought


dov-hikindAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is asking for the community’s assistance in solving a hate crime. Yesterday, Hikind was informed by an askan that two Polish men were shouting “Heil Hitler!” at Jewish individuals on the corner of 49th Street and 12th Avenue.

Assemblyman Hikind contacted the 66th precinct, and officers responded in a matter of minutes. The perpetrators were eventually caught at Ft. Hamilton Parkway between 51st and 52nd Streets. Unfortunately, because no victims remained at the scene, the police were unable to arrest these two men. The police have advised that if even one person who was verbally assaulted comes forward to press charges, the police can proceed with the arrests.

If you were a victim of this hate crime or know someone who was, please contact the Office of Assemblyman Hikind immediately at 718.853.9616.

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  1. All BP residents are victims of these drunk anti semites. Our Mayor Gulliani took these drunk guys off our corners. Its a fact. He made the “No Brown Bag law” I pass these corners you mentiond here for over 30 years. we finaly got rid of the bar on 49th street & 12 avenue a few years a go. Our great three term Mayor took thousends of cops off the streets. these drunk poles cost our city thousends a week because they get free rides to the ER by FDNY a few times a day. I’m not kidding, I know them by face already. They just keep on coming back.
    oh and when they get tired they walk to Ft. Hamilton park and take a nap on the benches that the city put there just for them. Its their steady place for the last few years now. So I guess first come first serve.
    And to all the guys taking pictures with the police all day. Please ask them to keep our corners safe.

  2. Ah, good old Assemblyman Hikind! Prosecuting people for speaking offensively! Well done! Forget the First Amendment, those two perpetrators must be tracked down and punished to the full extent of the law! The poor victims of their hateful diatribe must recieve justice.

    . . . perhaps Jews who say shvartza and sheigetz should be next? Just a thought.

  3. Why is freedom of speech a crime? I know its offensive but is that not what freedom of speech is all about? You can’t pick and choose. In the UK ( where I am from ) , one gets cursed at and riddiculed for being Jewish. Why should the yoke of galus be excluded in the USA? Are we all not in the same boat together? We are supposed to be reminded that we are hated and for Hikind to think otherwise is just plain kefirah

  4. It’s not about freedom of speech here. They verbally assaulted people who were minding their own business. It was incitement. Therefore they are prosecutable. You can’t just walk right up to people and say the most offensive things you can think of and expect to get away with it. There’s something called civil conduct. It’s different than if these anti-Semites had posted something online or gone to a rally approved by the city.

  5. What crime occurred here? Saying Heil Yemach Shemo is not a crime. It may be reprehensible but it is not a crime. When will Hikind bring out the thoughtpolice? Does he want to be big brother as in Orwell’s 1984?


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