Man Wears Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach On His Head in Court After Judge Forbids Reading It

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At Brooklyn Supreme Court, a drug suspect who had been banned from reading Talmudic quotations at a pre-trial hearing showed up in an outfit made entirely out of religious texts, reports the NY Post.

Aaron Akaberi donned a shirt on Wednesday that he had personally fashioned from newsprint pages covered in the writings of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe. His hat was made out of white paper bearing pesukim, as well as the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach.

The ensemble was a rebuke to Judge Martin Murphy, who had refused to let Akaberi read passages from his Jewish texts into the court record at an earlier pre-trial hearing.

“The Judge wouldn’t let me read my ‘Chayenu’ in court, so I decided to wear it, said the 30-year-old Akaberi, 30, who is charged with possession of cocaine, LSD, marijuana, MDMA, and other “dangerous substances.” Read more at the NY Post.

Photo by: Stefan Jeremiah



  1. Um, the text on the top of his “shtreimel” says, in big, bold, underlined letters “THE SEVEN COMMANDMENTS”. Otherwise known as sheva mitzvos b’nei Noach.

    The man is a total meshuginer.

  2. Very curious. His civil rights may indeed be his right to have the commentary that such a tractate exists in his community. Drugs are a clear violation of today’s laws. I can not know if he will have a mental health evaluation or if the judge will rule unfavorably to his plight of drug use. One wonders if we will see another story on his outcome.

  3. This is the correct story: Aaron Akaberi is dressed in Hebrew newsprint as part of a protest at being briefly remanded by a judge for reading the Torah in a courtroom, while waiting for his case to be called.

  4. After 9/11, I learned never to believe the media and never to judge until I have done my own research. This is my advice to all self-righteous commenters.


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