Man Who Killed Coworker Outside Of Empire State Building Had Been Threatened With Eviction

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empire-state-building-shootingThe man who shot and killed a former co-worker outside of the Empire State Building may have snapped when he found out that he was being evicted from his Upper East Side apartment, a police source told the New York Post.

Jeffrey Johnson is believed to have blamed Steve Ercolino for two years worth of financial trouble that he suffered from after being let go from Hazan imports, where he had worked for six years.

Johnson apparently blamed Ercolino for not pushing products that he had designed, but fellow Hazan employees told the Post that Johnson was laid off because, “business was bad.”

The pair had, had problems long before the shooting. Both men had filed complaints against each other following a dispute that they had in the building’s lobby.

“One said he threatened me and the other guy said ‘No, he threatened me.’ They made these complaints within 15 minutes of each other,” Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne told 1010 WINS reporter Carol D’Auria.

A report filed by Ercolino may have foreshadowed Friday’s shooting.

“Ercolino filed a complaint saying he was threatened by Johnson and he possibly threatened to kill him,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

When Johnson was threatened with eviction it may have been the final straw. He had been living in a one-bedroom apartment on East 82nd Street and was no longer able to make rent.

Johnson ambushed and killed Ercolino on 33rd Street, near 5th Ave, just after 9 a.m. on Friday before he was killed by police.

Source: WCBS TV

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  1. It makes as much sense as a woman who divorces her husband because he’s not making enough parnassa. So now she’s on her own without ANY help from her husband. Stupid.

  2. And sometimes itself the other way around too, that men divorce their wives to let go of their responsibility of making ends meet.. & if course theyre not so stupid to say that thtaswhy theyre getting divorced, they will just find some chesronos of their wife or make up some… & when get divorced they make sure to work only for cash, & barely give child support. They forget that responsibilities as a father… very sad.

  3. Well politicians, what do you say about this?
    Maybe this will impress you more than the Occupy Wall St. protests did? Can you see how desperate people are bec. they can’t find a job to pay the rent? Stop allowing companies to outsource all our jobs & stop allowing in foreigners on H1B visas to
    take away our jobs.


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