Man Who Stabbed Israeli Tourist in Manhattan Arrested; Victim Speaks Out

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Mark Hirshberg reports for JP UPDATES: The suspect wanted by police for stabbing a 55-year-old Israeli tourist on Friday multiple times during a robbery at the NoHo subway platform has been arrested, a NYPD official told JP.

Investigators say 24-year-old Marvin Taylor, who is homeless, stabbed Avraham Fekete Friday early morning during a robbery. Taylor, who has multiple prior arrests, was charged with robbery, assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Fekete was on his way from Brooklyn to Manhattan but got lost along the way and ended up at the number 6 subway platform on the Bleecker Street Station in NoHo when he was attacked by Taylor.

Marvin was collared late Sunday night by the Manhattan robbery squad, the official said.

Fekete received closed to 20 stitches but was released late Friday afternoon, JP UPDATES reports.

In an exclusive interview with JP UPDATES, Fekete described in Yiddish what happened to him.

“I came from Jerusalem to visit family members ahead of my sixth child’s wedding,” Fekete said. “On Thursday evening I went to visit friends at the diamond center on 47th Street. On the way home I lost direction to the right train and ended up sitting on the bench at the NoHo subway platform,” Fekete said.

“One young lady passed me and saw I’m lost so she handed me over her map. I started looking at the map when suddenly the suspect came up and yelled, ‘Give me your money.’ So. I stand up and started running away from him, but by the exit door from the station he caught up with me and didn’t let me go. He started stabbing me all over, and I started yelling for help,” Fekete recalled.

“Finally I made my way up to the street and two Good Samaritans came to my aid. One of them held on to [stop] my bleeding, and the other guy called police. Once I saw police arrived, I knew I was safe,” Fekete said.

“I was in a lot of pain and was soaked from blood. EMS arrived, took over the man who held on to my bleeding and transferred me to the hospital.

“Bottom line,” Fekete said. “I’m thankful to G-d that it ended this way because the doctors told me if he would have stabbed me a little deeper in my neck I would have been in a life-threatening situation.”

Fekete said that he is flying back home to his family Monday night. JP UPDATES



  1. Take away: If you are mugged, give over the money. Not judging this person, he was a foreigner and probably did not know what to do. But if it’s money or life, choose life.


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