Manafort Sentenced To 73 Months In Prison

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Judge Amy Berman Jackson has issued a 73 months sentence for Manafort and much of it will run consecutively, not concurrently, to the 47 months he was sentenced to in Virginia.

Judge Berman Jackson sentenced him on two counts. One was for 60 months in prison and the second was for 13 months in prison for a total of 73 months.

However, 30 of those months will be served concurrently with his sentence in Virginia. The rest will be served consecutively. This means it is only an effective addition of 43 months to his sentence.

This means that Manafort was effectively sentenced to 90 months in jail combining the 47 months in Virginia and the 43 in Washington DC. He has already served nine of those months and thus 81 months remaining to be served.


Read more at The Guardian.



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