Manafort Worked With Russian Intel Officer Possibly Linked to DNC Hack

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Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman, worked closely with a Russian intelligence officer who may have played a part in the hack and release of Democrat emails during the election, Politico reports.

The link between Manafort and the Russian officer was released Tuesday in a bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report.

According to Politico, it is the most detail that U.S. officials have gone in describing a longtime Manafort associate, Konstantin Kilimnik, as an agent of the Russian government.

The finding was part of the Senate committee’s fifth and final installment of its report on Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

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  1. Nice article that says nothing but attempts to imply something nefarious. It puts one fact next to a conjecture and leave out any connection between the two but hope you will not notice the missing connection, and make your own assumptions.
    Fact: Manafort Worked With Russian Intel Officer. Conjecture: that agent possibly Linked to DNC Hack

    Notice there is no mention that Manafort might have worked on or even knew about the that link even if it is true. In other words this mirrors the entire Russian investigation. It mixes known facts, that Russia tried meddling in the election, with unproven speculation then tried fooling the public to believe that any contact between a Russian and Trump official proves collusion.

    • “Manafort Worked With Russian Intel Officer.”

      That fact alone would disqualify not just Manafort for anyone who failed to vet him with ever getting a security clearance to access classified information. We already know that Trump betrayed some secrets to Russia we just don’t know how many. And his National Security Advisor Flynn was an unregistered foreign agent.

      How any patriotic American can defend Trump is beyond me. The commenters here who do are probably Putin trolls in Moscow.

  2. Trump’s ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was a DNC plant in Trump’s campaign who was involved with Russian money in the Clinton’s Foundation.

  3. Is this talking about the DNC e-mail hack? Was the FBI (and remember, at the time the FBI was under Obama) ever given a chance to personally examine the actual physical alleged hacked server? (Even Comey admitted they received, at most, only copies of what allegedly was found on the e-mail serves).


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