Manchester Dayan: We Must Give Up Our Lives Rather Then Institute Toava Education


The Manchester Jewish community is preparing to fight the government itself after a bill was passed which demands that there be toava education in yeshivos and Bais Yaakovs.

Dayan Gavriel Krausz, former Rosh Av Bais Din of Manchester, publicized a letter where he wrote that Jews should “give up one’s life” rather than follow the government’s new policy on religious education.

Krausz said that schools should be closed and people sent to prison, rather than comply with the new law.

“One is not allowed to give in one iota,” he stated. “If we capitulate and give in, we can chas vashalom say goodbye to the next generation.”

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  1. “Toava Education” – make that “Toeiva Indoctrination”.

    Education gives the impression of a neutral, scientific fact. Indoctrination is a more appropriate term for a situation in which they are trying to indoctrinate people with foreign views, and propaganda, pushing a politicized agenda.

  2. Being PC for so many years with false compassion to the liberal minority immoral lawless people is what caused them to have so much power – worldwide. These minority liberal lowlifes should be fought to the end.

    • This has nothing to do with taking government money. This applies to all schools in England and Wales. It might surprise you to know that different countries have different laws.

      • You may be right, but I am not certain that private madrassas and homeschooling Muslims are forced to educate / indoctrinate and that such a regulation is enforced, or else all over the UK there would be worse riots than in Hong Kong.

      • Your Royal Highness Richard III:

        No, not “expulsion style” as was the fate of the Jews in Europe during the 15th. and 16th. centuries.

        Jews can now voluntarily leave lands of exile for their own beloved Homeland.

        Baruch HaShem.

  3. Um, how do you know this has to do with money? in ny for example, there are certain laws that children must be given adequate education, and those who dont can be considered unfit to raise the child, which caused the whole edu fight there.
    So you take an assumption and 1-up a dayan? Your not doing the right thing by that.

  4. what i dont understand is that a tiny percentage of the population has succeeded in turning the whole world upside down. where are all the rest of us? why are we even having this discussion? why are we–the vast majority–allowing ourselves to be held hostage? acts that used to be considered illegal, such as being an accomplice in murder (another word for abortion or for assisted suicide) are now being forced on us. circumcision was once consisted terrible because it mutilated a child’s body; today, cutting off parts of a child’s body or moving those parts around to other places to suit some whim or other, that’s ok? we have lost our collective minds


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