Mandalay Bay Shooter Owned Over 40 Weapons, Still No Motive In Case


Police instigators searching the hotel room of Stephen Paddock have recovered 23 weapons, including a handgun and multiple rifles — some with scopes on them.

Authorities also found several pounds of ammonium nitrate, a material used to make explosives, in his car.

And at Paddock’s home in Mesquite, Nevada, police found at least 19 firearms, explosives, several thousand rounds of ammunition and some electronic devices.

So far, police believe Paddock acted alone — which could make the motive harder to determine. Read more at CNN.



  1. Why is the Mainstream Left media covering up the truth? They know darn well that there’s no way in the world that this lone man killed 59 people and wounded another 500 people in about 4 minutes!! There must have been multiple shooters which the media is covering up. Why?
    Why is the Mainstream Left media covering up that he was an Antifa member and that the Antifa Facebook page congratulated him?
    Why is the Mainstream media covering up that a security guard on his floor was killed?
    Why did the Mainstream media lie that he committed suicide when it was the FBI who killed him?

    Is the Mainstream Left media covering up all this in order for their Leftists elite to push their vile gun law agenda forward and take the legally owned guns away from people?

  2. There’s no way that this was not terrorism. This was not someone who snapped – it was highly premeditated with much preparation. Checking into a hotel room days before this concert with suitcases full of weapons; this is not the profile of a typical psychopath. There was evil intent here and it will come out eventually.

    • One has to be extremely naive not to realize that this was clearly a setup. Most likely by the Left or even Obama or the CIA.

      • I’m not sure if comments like this one are being posted to show what kind of wacko theories are floating around, because of journalistic integrity not censoring anything, or simply because the editor is amused by this type of off-the-wall post.

        • No doubt mainstream media is very happy to still have a few suckers like Anonymous 4:12 who trust their lies and fairy tales.

          • …says the marcher in the tinfoil hat brigade.
            (Pssst – it was really Elvis and Bigfoot behind this setup.)

  3. Didn’t the brother (eric) say that he didn’t know that he could even shoot a gun ? if so then seems not to know his brother better then me and you

  4. The NRA is not the gingerbread house. You will not get a dime from the work any person to do anything overall to fight for gun right control.

    Best we can do is design a flag and display it for gun control. No debate is effective.

    Hänsel and Gretyl made it out of the witches house. We can make it through this era.

      • I am sorry I could not serve your capacity of humor today. Please forgive me for davening and reading my bible and having a sense of humor. I have not found every soul on Earth liked my commentary but I rarely find that those who have “given up” have tried to understand the comment and write that they agree, work on the thought or just plain disagree in political reason.

        If this is hard, I can sadly be scared to know you are one whom has unsettled feelings about myself, a physician and educated survivor of health issues always hoping we can find a consensus among voters to find peace and absolve evil.

        Terribly hopeful you will have more fun online.


        • Are you a human or are you a demon? Are you real? Can I reach out and touch you? Or are you a whiff of wind? Do you really exist? Are you a presence from the past? I’m afraid.

          • Finks like you are naive. Hashem created the world and gave each of us talent and art. Jewish study makes smart minds.

            When are you going to make a comment that influences public vote? I am not up for office.

            Funny to be heckled. I would have thought the reality is religious judaism on a religious site is religious.

            Writing a few more words than anyone begs is often done and dreaming best one can see the pathetic nature of many comments in this community. Lashon hora, miniscule idea and mostly hate of liberalism and anyone else noted to cause harm imperceived to the naive feeling of just a bagel grab.

            Seriously, this could be a better forum. We strengthen with education and davening and Torah improve our words.

            Good luck gilgul.

  5. In the past, the types of massacres have either been committed by a Muslim (including a convert to Islam), or by someone who’d been taking doctor-prescribed psychiatric medication, who either committed the crime while on the medication or who just after stopping the meds.

    And the media usually doesn’t report if it’s meds, even if they know. You have to dig for it. Anyway, unless the murderer told others he was on medication, no one knows except for him and his psychiatrist, and do you really think that his psychiatrist will up and announce it after something like this?


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