Manhattan Billboard Warns: “Shemor Ainecha”

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billboard-shemor-ainecha-smallNot that there is any need for more distractions to slow down drivers on New York roadways, but a billboard that was recently erected near the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel at the entrance to Manhattan has frum drivers slowing down to take a look.

The billboard states (in Hebrew):

“Yehudi Yakar (Dear Jew)

“Atah Nichnas Lemakom Sakanah (You Are Entering a Dangerous Place)

“Shemor Ainecha

“Shield Your Eyes

Click here to see a photo.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. One should also avoid looking at eye-catching billboard signs as these can be a serious distraction to drivers and can cause accidents ?”?. ???? ???? from billboard advertisements as well.

    ??? ???

  2. Not a good idea to polarize the goyim against us, surely they will take offense.

    Wouldn’t it be better to preach this in our shuls’ and b”m?

  3. To #3, the goyim know that their morals are low, and deep down they respect our moral values. Some may attack us since the truth hurts, but it should not stop us from sticking to our guns.

    I think this will be a big kiddush hashem.

  4. #3 – I doubt the goyim would understand what we mean when we say, “Shield your eyes”, (the rest is in hebrew only), they probably think we are warning them about sun glare.

    In any case not shielding your eyes could be a “bizraya darayos” a “yaharog vaal yaavor” according to some. Surely we don’t have to worry about goyim taking offense in such a situation.

  5. There are some of us who dont know how to lay low.Rather then just announce danger for EVERYBODY THEY WROTE YIDDEN.Latley the YIDDEN are in the news ALL the time,that is NOT good.

  6. Why would the goyim take offense? It’s not directed toward anyone specifically. Anyone can understand and relate to the values we strive to uphold.
    It’s commendable and enviable.

  7. Would anyone be willing to explain the context of this message to a non-Jew? I saw the billboard this morning and am curious as to the context and meaning of this message. Also, does anyone know who is behind this billboard? Is this a common message/theme? Thanks in advance for educating someone who is curious.

  8. What a bad idea. Who authorized such a thing. Foolish.

    Im sure goyim will love to know that they are to be considered Sakanah! why must we be in their faces. We should live our lives outside of the public eye, dont interefere with their goyish ways.

    This sign will not help a single jew… Please mention one bonafide rov that thought it would be wise to spend funds for this and ill stand corrected.


  9. To # 16 – Matthew – To be very brief – Judaism teaches that the eyes are the “agents” of the body and are a major cause of sin. If the eyes don’t see, the inclination isn’t aroused.
    People that travel in the city have a hard time guarding their eyes from seeing what they don’t want to. Some concerned individual(s) put up this sign to warn others to strengthen themselves in this regard.

  10. sign is totally ridiculous. Is Manhattan so much different the the rest of the boroughs?
    Thoise billboard signs are very expensive- I’m sure the MONEY could have been much better spent -food for the poor -tuition assistance-ertc. etc. etc.

  11. gabriel is a hundred percent right and its a ridiculous sighn, bec either go to the city or dont, but whover needs to go is going anyways and whoever doesnt need to wont(or will still go),

  12. There is nothing wrong with this Billboard t
    The Jewish nation is supposed to be a Role Model and shining light onto the nations

  13. Religious goyim believe the same as us. As far as the atheists and liberals I dont care if I offend them by fearing G-d. Good religious goyim, be they Christian, Muslim, Budhist, Hindu, Mormon, Sikh, or lehavdil Noahide, respect us more when we follow Torah truthfully

  14. Matthew: FYI-
    Modesty in dress, thought, and deed is a very high value in a Torah way of life. The sights one sees on the streets of the city can easily destroy the purity we strive to create through our laws of modesty. The billboard is someone’s attempt to put Jews on guard that they are entering a spiritual danger zone.

  15. This isn’t the Manhattan of the 1990’s.

    Either way it’s ridiculous, IMHO there are more important Mitzvot that that money could have been spent on.

  16. i think this is amazing. I don’t think that every alst thing that happens in the Jewish world deserves a negative reaction – You don’t like it?, too bad. It’s there – ur opinion won’t change the sponsors mind ANYWAY!!!

  17. People need to be taught to be righteous and god fearing from the inside out, not from the outside in. Something is very wrong with society if people think that this billboard will change the actions of people. The people that are going to the city to look for trouble have issues that are not going to be solved by a billboard.

  18. #7 “Take off your sun glasses” and shield your eyes if you must but consider giving the larger orthodox community credit for being able to hold onto their beliefs even better for their eyes being fully open.

  19. Had to google this since it is weird that it’s only in Hebrew it’s disclusive of the message for everyone. Why not include the goyim who strive for the same?


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