Manhattan D.A. Intensifies Investigation Of Trump

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State prosecutors in Manhattan have interviewed several employees of President Trump’s bank and insurance broker in recent weeks, according to people with knowledge of the matter, significantly escalating an investigation into the president that he is powerless to stop.

The interviews with people who work for the lender, Deutsche Bank, and the insurance brokerage, Aon, are the latest indication that once Mr. Trump leaves office, he still faces the potential threat of criminal charges that would be beyond the reach of federal pardons.

It remains unclear whether the office of the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., will ultimately bring charges. The prosecutors have been fighting in court for more than a year to obtain Mr. Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns, which they have called central to their investigation. The issue now rests with the Supreme Court.

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  1. There’s no crime or otherwise important issues to tend to. He’s simply just looking to boost his image. Meanwhile, as he wastes taxpayer dollars on this naarishkeit, real offenders are have a ball!

  2. Seems they lack originality. As the link states:

    > In court papers, the prosecutors have cited public reports of Mr. Trump’s business dealings as legal justification for their inquiry

    That is the the same way the Feds faked warrants. They “leaked” fake news to the press which generated stories that were then used to as allegedly independent verification in order to get warrants (and even FISA warrants).

    And just what financial instituit9ion would get “taken in” by an alleged inflated evaluation of property (as the reason for the investigation in the link), as if these poor helpless banks can’t evaluate property themselves.


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