Manhattan Lawyer Proposes New Mosque Move Idea


mosque-ground-zeroA Manhattan attorney is pitching a plan to move to the controversial mosque from its current Lower Manhattan spot to the West Village. 

Attorney Dudley Gaffin has ties to the Saudi royal family and is pitching his plan to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The idea would be for King Abdullah to buy the now closed St. Vincent’s Medical Center and transfer the mosque there.

The center would likely be built on the 12th Street section of the site, just east of 7th Avenue.

The king, who is said to be worth more than $20 billion, also would save the hospital, reopening most of the units that closed when the facility filed for bankruptcy in April.

Gaffin has been floating the idea to community leaders, according to the New York Post.

The entire deal is estimated to be at least $300 million.

{CBS Local/}



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