Manhattan Prosecutor Agrees To Shelve Subpoena For Trump Tax Returns

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Manhattan’s top prosecutor on Monday agreed to delay enforcement of a subpoena for eight years of President Trump’s tax returns.

Cyrus Vance Jr., the Democratic district attorney for Manhattan, had the legal right as of this Friday to enforce a New York grand jury subpoena to obtain a lengthy financial paper trail that includes Trump’s corporate and personal tax records.

But Vance has agreed to temporarily shelve the subpoena against Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA. The delay allows for another round of litigation, extending the nearly yearlong court battle over the subpoena in which Trump has lost every bout, including a landmark decision last month at the Supreme Court.

The deal between the Manhattan district attorney’s office and Trump’s lawyers comes after a federal district judge in New York last week denied Trump’s latest bid to invalidate the subpoena.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Very pashut. They realize there is no “smoking gun” in these tax returns and releasing them to the public, which just so happens to be illegal, would only make the President look good. They realize that this witch hunt, just like all the ones before, will only backfire.
    And by the way. If we can make the Presidents personal tax returns public, why can’t I see my next door neighbors tax returns, or my sons Rosh Yeshiva’s tax returns, or’s tax returns? Is this the privacy that the IRS promised us?


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