Maran Rav Chaim Kanievsky Asked About Veracity of Avraham Fried Song

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rav-chaim-kanievskyOn Avraham Fried’s latest album, “Keep Climbing,” there is a song called “Kach Es Sheli – Take Mine.” In “Kach Es Sheli”, Fried sings about how he knows that the third Bais Hamikdash will not be built with stones, but rather with tears. And if all that is needed is one more, take mine.

The most common discussions regarding the Third Bais Hamikdosh generally revolve around whether it will be built by man or if it will descend from Heaven in fire. Tears? Most of us have never heard of it.

Some people chalked it up to artistic license, figuring he was being emotional and singing about tears of prayer, people praying for the Bais Hamikdash, for the Jewish people. Or perhaps he was quoting from a source people are not familiar with.

Interestingly, a group of administrators of a seminar in Bnei Brak went to Rav Chaim Kanievsky and discussed this song of Avraham Fried’s. They asked Rav Chaim about the source of the lyrics of the song, “Kach Es Sheli.” Their question was whether or nor there is a source for such a statement that the third Bais Hamikdash will be built from tears. Is there perhaps some lesser known Medrash, or did Fried or some philosopher make it up with no source?

Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s answer was that there is no such Medrash saying such a concept.

On a different note, should Rav Kanievsky’s time have been wasted to discuss this issue? Probably not. But hey, had  he identified a Medrash or other source, we would have said it was worth it.

{Yair Israel based on report by Life in Israel-Rafi G}


  1. The time of our G’dolim should not be wasted on Artistic Licenses of songs,photos and paintings and on KNOWN FACTS.

    Earlier this week, Rav Chaim was questioned about driving procedures regarding the trip to Meron/LagBomer. Did we need to hear that YES drivers;

    Give the brain some time to recharge and use it for independent thinking..

  2. It is always legitimate to ask a serious question about Torah. However, it seems to me that they should have first asked Mr. Fried or his PR man. Only if the answer was unclear or unacceptable should they have asked a Talmid Chacham. Generally people like Mr. Fried are more than happy to explain to the public the story behind the song.

  3. Instead of wasting Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s time, why didn’t they first waste Avraham Fried’s time and ask him if he had a Midrashic source. If he has one, then they could have looked it up. Just a little common sense.

  4. The velt geyt meshuga! This is what they are wasting Rav Chaim’s time with?! For a man who makes a siyum on kol hatorah kula every year, the question being asked, shows a lack of kavod hatorah by the questioneers! Schrek!

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  6. the last rashi in Rosh Hashana 30a, says:
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    (loosely translated: How is it possible that the Beis Hamikdosh will be built on Yom Tov and at night, the Gemora surely says in Shvuos that the Beis Hamikdosh can’t be built on Yom Tov and at night? [The answer is that] this is only true when it’s built by people, but the future Beis Hamikdosh will be built from Hashem)

  7. of course its artistic license and why not ask mr fried himself , my goodness these mechanchim have nothing better to worry about than this to waste the Rebbes time with narish things ?

  8. shiduch crisis
    at risk crisis
    rampant poverty
    child abuse crisis
    etc. etc.

    THIS was a question brought to a Gadol Hador?!

  9. Seems to me he just took some poetic license. But it’s easy to understand that all he meant is really the tears that have been shed and we still cry and pray for the coming of Moshiach and having our ultimate Beit HaMikdash. Nothing ‘more’ than that should be read into it.

  10. It’s just a song, why are you wasting the Rav’s time with this? And why are you wasting our time with an article about nothing?!

  11. I assume Mr. Fried was using a metaphor – a symbol – and that he was not talking about physical tears but symbolically about the tears of suffering and heartfelt tefillah of the Jewish people.

    If you’re confused about this, consult the English sefer “The Juggler and the King” by R’ Aharon Feldman, shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Israel. In it he translates and explains a sefer by the GRA explaining the use of metaphor and parable in CHAZAL.

  12. I love this post!. Seriously. It is special. We see how Kol Hatorah Kulo Mamish is on the Rov’s fingertips that someone can make something up and people may think it is true yet we have in our Dor someone who can tell us clearly (without having to look it up on line or in an encyclopedia or say he needs tome to look into it)and on the spot it does not exist! WOW. How fortunate our Dor is to have Reb Chaim

  13. did anyone bother asking the singer? or do we run to the gadol hador and waste his time over a song. not one person went but a group, over a song?

  14. WOW you guys need to get a LIFE> it is just a song. nowhere did hee quote a medrash or anything
    Get on with it will ya

  15. I`m surprised that everyone has overlooked the obvious. The mekor is MBD`s “Daddy Dear” song . I am glad to have out this debate to rest.

  16. Why should we have reservations about inquiring from a gadol what he thinks of something as enjoyable and friendly as a song. Give me a break over the pretentious challenges you think you have.

  17. Instead of wasting Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s time, why didn’t they first waste Avraham Fried’s time and ask him if he had a Midrashic source. If he has one, then they could have looked it up. Just a little common sense.

  18. The source is R. Shlomo Carlebach. “Those stones are not made of stones but from tears,
    six million little tears”

  19. The reason they didn’t ask the singer is simple. We live in a backwards world, and as busy as the Gedolei Hador are, THEY are a lot more accessible to people than the singers are!

  20. Hakin’ah, vha’sin’ah, v’hata’avah, motzi’im ha’adam min ha’olam.

    People who ask gedolim such silly questions have hidden agendas.

  21. Woow this is so typical. I really think that this is an amazing article it really points out the emunas chacamim that klal yisroel posses. But maybe ask youre rav what the boundaries are for when to seek daas torah v’chacamim. Did you ask youre rov before you woke up this morning if you can wake up….. hopefully not because there is nothing to ask because its real simple… THINK use youre BRAINS hash-em gave you brains for a reason not everything has to be asked. its the big questions that should be asked that we all decide on our own such as the chinuch of our children…..

  22. TEARS..This is such a beautiful metaphor which can be interpreted so many ways. It make each one think according to each own life experiences in serving Hashem.
    tears = working hard to learn to learn
    tears = working hard to learn to love
    tears = working hard to learn to be in awe of Hashem
    tears = working hard to improve ourselfs
    tears = workinghard to examine ourslefs honestly
    tears = working hard to avoid temptation
    tears = readers please add to this list


  23. I understand that the question was unnecessary but why does everyone have to be so critical? Why waste time even responding to this and especially so critically? And what I think is so important is that no question is “wasting a rav’s time”. What if someone thinks a question is “silly” and doesn’t ask it because he’s afraid he’s going to be wasting the rav’s time? Better that he should ask his “silly” question and not be oiver on something…


  25. 16.Sheldon
    Hu? That pasuk has nothing to do with that, even the Gemara in taanis has a midrashic translation and it has nothing to do with that. (or the yalkut Shimeoni about yackov and the shevatim)

  26. a older man said to me “you know today everything has to be “bishleimus”.

    a song lyrics can be questioned by the gadol hador,

  27. Without checking with anyone, thought he was talking about the tears of tshuva mixed with suffering will build the next Beis Hamikdash.

  28. The Mekor for this notion is from a well known MBD song “Dady Dear” the boy asks MBD, how deep is Hashem’s cup filled with tears when will it overflow and Moshiach will come?
    The Mekor for this Inyan is beharerai Kodesh!
    One can see the clear achdus between Chassidic music stars. They have the same Kavana. Ashreichem Yisroel!!!

  29. let’s also be Dan
    Lkaf zchus on the administrators. I know a sefardi family that has an arrangement with their Rav where each child spends a few minutes discussing any challenges they are facing with the Rav, even if it’s wanting a new dress or not getting along with a kid in their class. This teaches the children to see a Ravs advice.

    This seminar may have asked the girls/young women what they would like to ask as part or chinuch. In such an example, this is not a waste of anyone’s time.

    And if the Rav thought it was bittul zman he could say so.

  30. I don’t quite get it. What’s wrong with asking a Gudol about something in the Torah? What part of the Torah would make sense to ask, and what part wouldn’t? What are people getting so upset about here? We are advised to take council with the Gedolim over all our issues in our life. Especially if it’s a question whether something is from a Medrish or not. Its all Torah, who cares if it happens to be connected to a song a famous singer happens to sing. Fact is its something which is bothering a Jew, and he wants to know is this in the Torah, or is it not? This is not called wasting the Gudols time, this is what he is there for, if he had a problem, he would say it, he’s not just sitting there wasting his time, he’s answering peoples questions over anything in the Torah.

  31. If anyone wants to know the mekor for what our tears will do for us in the yemos hamoshiach then all you need to do is ask me..


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