Maran Rav Chaim Kanievsky: Do Not Cancel Mesibos Purim Because of Coronavirus (Video)

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  1. Important to note, that this can very well be an INDIVIDUAL P’sak.

    Based on known or unknown factors.

    I did not see a broad based Psak in this video.

  2. It’s broad based. Stop the nonsense already. The medical community is in awe how the media and social media have turned this into one of the most overblown out of proportion issues we have faced in our lifetime. It has got to stop. Yes be careful. Wash your hands and for goodness sake throw out your used tissues, but get a grip. There are more people dead from the flu this year just in America then there are confirmed cases of Corona in the entire world. Corona is not even in the top 50 causes of death worldwide but we are in panic mode.

    Rav Gamliel says GO TO SHUL 3 TIMES A DAY and Daven with a Minyan
    Rav Chaim says don’t cancel Purim
    Some shmigeggies in the media and on line – have scared local Rabbonim to start to say stay home, quarantine, don’t give Tzedaka, don’t let people in your house, don’t kiss the Mezuza, don’t kiss a Sefer Torah, don’t hold hands when you dance, don’t shake hands – it’s all nonsense and non-sensical. Purell is $100 a bottle and thats normal?

    The Dr’s and medical professionals, the CDC and EVERY medical expert has repeatedly said over and over – don’t panic, masks won’t help, no need to stock up on food and water. Just be normal and normal means be clean, wash your hands, stay home if you don’t feel well and keep an eye on the elderly and medically compromised – which by the way has been the same advice we got last year and will be the same advice next year!!!!!

    Here is the most hypocritical part of the whole thing – these Dr’s and medical experts when they say to vaccinate we tout them, carry them on our shoulders, quote them and enforce their word. when they say Corona is nothing more then a virus we vilify them, ignore them, eh what do they know and don’t rely on them. Instead for this we rely on the media. How’s that for a vinahapichu!

    • I agree. It was the same scenario with the fake measles epidemic, where thousands of Yidden were dropping dead in the streets of Williamsburg and Monsey. Oh, wait a minute. The media completely stopped reporting on measles. Hmmmm, I wonder why? Now we’re invited again to carnivals and Bris Milah’s. B”H


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