Marianne Williamson Endorses Sanders At Texas Rally


Former 2020 candidate and author Marianne Williamson endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination on Sunday at his rally in Austin, Texas.

In a surprise appearance at the rally, Williamson told attendees that Sanders’s strong performance a day earlier in the Nevada caucuses made it clear that the energy in the 2020 cycle was “unquestionably” with his campaign.

“What happened in Nevada on Saturday was extraordinary, and the energy is unquestionably with Bernie,” Williamson said in a statement released through Twitter.

“I am honored to endorse him,” she added.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. This crazy lady is a lunatic. She always talks about love and how love will bring this country together. How is Bernie Sanders going to bring love? Will moderates, independents, and conservatives love him? The old socialist Sanders didn’t even get %50 of the vote in any of the 3 States mentioned. It’s the other candidates who split most of the vote. In other words MOST Democrats voted AGAINST Bernie Sanders.


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