Mark Levin: If Zimmerman Is Harmed, I Blame Holder, Sharpton and Obama

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mark-levinMARK LEVIN: Ladies and gentlemen, let me posit it this way, if this Zimmerman is harmed, I blame Eric Holder. If this Zimmerman is harmed, I blame Al Sharpton. If Zimmerman is harmed, I blame the president of the United States. Because there are nutjobs out there who well think that their going to commit some street justice because of the things that the president has said, that Holder has said and it still saying, and the same with Sharpton.

Now while they may say ‘we don’t support violence’ and so forth, they have a funny way of showing it. And the way that they’ve spoken and their lack of temperament. And they have a responsibility to conduct themselves as senior public officials, a president and an attorney general, and in Sharpton’s case, what is he? Whatever. And yet they’re not.

So, I’m saying right now, and I mean it, if Zimmerman is harmed in some way then Obama, Holder, Sharpton, among others, are responsible too. I remember when that nutjob shot the Congreswoman, killed the judge and killed some other people in Tucson, Arizona and the left was looking for ways to drag Sarah Palin into it, frankly me, and others. And then to go, what, what the hell are you talking about?

But here we have a specific jury verdict and before the investigation, the president of the United States put his fingerprints all over the case and he wanted to, publicly. The Attorney General of the United States is still out there trying to gin up a posse. Sharpton today was in full nutjob mode, screaming at the top of his lungs that we’re not going to accept this, we’re not going to accept that. Really? If Zimmerman is harmed, this government encouraged it — this president, this attorney general and their fanatical followers. That’s correct. (The Mark Levin Show, July 17, 2013).

Credit: Real Clear Politics

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  1. why stop at Zimmerman? anyone white or Hispanic is at risk. there have already been many revenge crimes committed all over the country.

  2. I have watched this Zimmerman case here in Australia, I cannot believe that there is so much hatred expressed against George Zimmerman, and the subsequent violence by Trayvon Martin ended in his own death.

  3. In other words just like
    Zimmerman , therefore so is israel,has no right to protect herself no matter who gives the first punch.


  4. and mark levin blames the troika of obama, holder and sharpton. so what?

    what all these street thugs ought to remember before they decide to give a little cultural whoopin to Zimmerman is that he has his carry permit back and he knows how to use what he is carrying.

  5. Say what you will…but if every one would pack a GUN there would be less crime and these hoodlams would think twice before they commit a crime!


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