Councilmember Levin: This Madness Must End

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???????????By New York City Council Member Mark Levine

We are 337 days into 2015. There have been 355 mass shootings in the United States so far this year. 462 people have died. 1,314 have been wounded.

This madness must end.

By any definition, the current spate of mass shootings qualifies as a national crisis. Yet the NRA and the politicians they control in Congress refuse to act. No other country has the number of mass shootings and gun deaths that we have in America. Because of easy access to guns, no other country comes close to the number of civilian-owned firearms in the United States. But no one should think that we are powerless to stop the spiraling carnage around us.

We must restore the ban on assault weapons and large-capacity clips.  We need to tighten background check requirements so that guns don’t get into the wrong hands. Our national security demands that prospective terrorists be barred from purchasing assault weapons and other guns. And lax gun laws that lead to firearms flooding our streets and killing our civilians and brave police officers, must be strengthened.

If you agree that the senseless killing must stop and that Congress must act, then reach out to everyone you know–locally and around the nation–and urge them to call their representative today to demand they support common sense gun laws.

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  1. Common sense, indeed. The second amendment was written at a time when armies had cannons and single-shot muskets while a militia could have nearly the same firepower with just muskets. Nowadays there’s nothing comparable – even if private citizens were allowed to own M16’s do you really think that would stop a potentially tyrannical government that had tanks, jets and all types of modern munitions and technology?

  2. Mark Levin is way off base. The reason there are so many deaths is because of gun control regulations instituted by the Feds. There is no doubt, that if the innocent victims of the shooting in CA had access to guns, more people would have survived.

  3. This guy is another brainwashed pol. Is there a 2nd amendment or not??? Guns are NOT illegal to those who acquire them LEGALLY. Its people like this who think, if you make it illegal for everyone to own a handgun, all killings would stop INCLUDING THE MANY THAT HAPPEN EVERY NIGHT IN CHICAGO.

  4. This Councilman could not have chosen a worse time to make his point.

    Only a zombie can categorize The Arab Terrorist attack in California as a “Mass Shooting”.

    It is the equivalent of comparing a Truck bomb to a road accident !

    Levine, use your Head !

  5. Through November 29 there had been 1,042 shooting incidents in New York City alone — and that is down 25 from the same period last year. That is roughly three times the number of mass shootings cited by the Councilman. Mass shootings are awful but they are the tip of the iceberg!

  6. Levin: “This madness must end.” DUH !!!

    During the same period there have been car accidents. Are the cars to blame? No, the people driving them are to blame. Should we restrict autos?

    Let us start enforcing our present laws including our laws on immigration and see how fast crime drops.

    These liberal knee-jerk reactions just don’t work.

  7. This is a typical Leftist nonsensical response to the current problems. No gun laws will ever stop criminals or terrorists. The places with the worst gun crimes such as Washington DC, Chicago and New York have the highest incidence of gun violence. All these idiotic gun laws do is prevent decent citizens, who could use their weapons in defense, from having weapons.

    John Lott has proven that where open carry is allowed, there is much less gun crime and less crime in general.

  8. “The places with the worst gun crimes such as Washington DC, Chicago and New York have the highest incidence of gun violence.”

    That is not true. New York has one of the LOWEST rates of gun violence. And gun laws in Washington DC will always be ineffective as long as people can take the subway to Virginia and by guns with no limits.

  9. It’s strange that the FBI lists only three mass shootings as having taken place in the US [before the San Bernadino Jihad]. The article Mr. Levine is citing is based on deliberately distorted data from a single blogger who admits that he is making up his own definition of a mass shooting. His definition is any incident involving guns in which three or more people are injured or killed. For example, when the NYPD shot at someone in Manhattan several years ago, totally missing the target but injuring several people from flying pieces of concrete – this guy counts it as a mass shooting. For facts – not the propaganda being espoused by Levine, see this from the NYT – hardly a pro-gun newspaper.

  10. THis guy may not be with “the program,” but anyone with common sense knows hes right.
    He did not say bearing arms should be illegal.
    He just said there should be stronger background checks.
    I am all for that!!!!!! With so many ISIS and terror supporters in this country, we dont need to make killing so easy. People who are credibel and reliable will still be able to bear arms….Where’s everyones brains???? Who’s brainwashing all of you??? Acess to firearms is way TOO easy!! This nation does not have to be a blood bath!!!

  11. Foolish gun lovers,

    Those who say everyone should have guns ,is that what you really want?!

    Unable to go stroll ourside unless you first take your weapon?!
    The Wild West?!

    Australia is probably the society most similar to the US

    Leans masculine,mostly white, english speaking

    They’ve been without a mass shooting(4 or more) since 1996 ! when they passed gun controls

    In the US ,355 mass shootings (3or more) this year alone!!

  12. #9,#10,etc.

    Do you really desire a country/town where you and your family only safe to walk outside ,if you’re carrying a gun?!
    Because everyone else already has a gun?!

    Before you answer glibly ,use your noodles. Is that really what you want?!


    Instead of all us relatively being safe strolling peacefully around without rushing to take a weapon first ?!

    This the Right Wing version of Sen. Moynihan’s”defining deviancy down”,

    conveniently evening things out with using the lowest common denominator

    Dodge City?! Hatfields and the McCoys?!

    Plus,Deny it if you will

    These massacres aren’t regularly happening in other civilized countries

    Furthermore, States with lenient gun laws have higher rates of
    accidental gun tragedies

    And higher rates of police homicides


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