Mark Sanford Says He’s Considering Primary Challenge Against Trump

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Former congressman Mark Sanford said Tuesday that he is considering a presidential bid, making him potentially the second Republican to wage a primary challenge against President Donald Trump.

In an interview on CNN, Sanford, a former South Carolina governor who represented the state’s 1st Congressional District in the House until earlier this year, said he was motivated to consider a bid due to the lack of debate over the federal debt and deficit.

“The place where there is no discussion is the way in which, you know, interest is the largest growing expense in the federal government,” Sanford said.

The news of Sanford’s potential run was first reported Tuesday by the Charleston Post and Courier.

“Sometimes in life you’ve got to say what you’ve got to say, whether there’s an audience or not for that message,” Sanford told the newspaper. “I feel convicted.”

Limiting government spending was a key focus of Sanford’s time in public office. But he is perhaps best known for the 2009 episode during which, as governor, he disappeared for nearly a week before reemerging to hold a tearful news conference at which he revealed an extramarital affair. Sanford’s staff had said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, but he had actually traveled to Argentina to be with Maria Belen Chapur, the woman he described as his “soul mate.”

Sanford had previously served three terms in the House and, after leaving the governor’s mansion in 2011, he ran for House again and won, serving from 2013 to 2019. He was a frequent critic of Trump, and in 2018, he lost his primary after the president endorsed his opponent, Republican state Sen. Katie Arrington, who lost in the general election to Rep. Joe Cunningham.

Sanford said Tuesday that he is giving himself 30 days before making a final decision on whether to run for the White House. If he enters the race, he will join former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld in challenging Trump for the GOP nod.

“I’m not sure that a presidential run is the way; maybe it’s starting an advocacy group,” Sanford told CNN, discussing the issue of federal spending. “But we have got to, again, register this in this presidential year – in this presidential race – in a way that it’s currently not finding currency. I think that’s a real problem.”

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  1. The American people are fed up with politicians who trust fake news blindly and don’t know what is actually happening.
    Example: Why doesn’t this guy know why there’s a lack of debate over the federal debt and deficit when it was all over Real News that the $43 trillion is a fraudulent debt they created and there’s no debt now? Thanks to President Trump.
    Why doesn’t he know that the crooked Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel who stole taxpayer’s money, snipped off a bit and then forwarded the rest to the Queen in England who snipped off a bit and forwarded the rest to the Vatican who snipped off a bit and forwarded the rest to the Central Banks across the globe?
    Why doesn’t he know that the US then had to actually “borrow” money “on interest” from the Central Banks to pay their employees!?
    Why doesn’t he know that President Trump gave the global monetary system back to the American People?
    Why doesn’t he know how the Cabal are blowing up about this?

  2. It’s amazing that this man was embarrassed in front of the entire Nation and now he thinks everyone will just forget his sins and elect him POTUS?! What are these idiots thinking?


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