Mark Zuckerberg Bakes Hamantaschen for Purim



  1. Is Mark Zuckerberg Jewish? Is his mother Jewish? His wife definitely is not and he considers himself an “atheist” even though there’s no such thing because every atheist will pray to G-d if in need.

  2. Wow. What a Tzadik. Married to a shiktza. Spit in G-ds face. Baking some stupid humintashin is not going to placate G-ds anger. Being a puppet of George Soros doesn’t help either. Why does this sick person only wear sweaters? Can’t he afford to wear a decent dress shirt like every other human? Having a lot of money doesn’t mean anything as far as personal values are concerned.

    • Generation. The world has had sweaters. They are not sin.

      Zuckerberg is intermarried. He can NOT resume yiddishkeit until rid. Its the guilt.

      Otherwise not the vicious. Sweaters very much are Hashem given good. I will enjoy mine and you are free to be cold.


  3. Big deal. Baking all the hamantashen in the world doesn’t change the fact that he’s married to a non Jew and has a non Jewish daughter. Now, if he were to become frum, that would be news.

  4. How sweet, as if the Purim story was all about a hat. Intermarriage is the antithesis to the massive national repentance that precipitated the miracle of Purim.

  5. You silly comment-writers. Zuckeeberg is the face of a lost generation. Tou should study him and understand what makesnhik tick. This is where an entire generation of youth, the children of affluence, who have attended good universities and found themselves a new home in the enlightenment of millenial youth. The feelings he has for hamantashen is the last remnant of the Judaism his parents and grandparents barely knew. Understand them, and think about how they see you, and where you fit into this picture.

  6. Unfortunately, as a Tinok shnishba he doesn’t know any better. The fact that he married an ainuh yehudis just shows that he is following the rov, as most American yidden are doing the same. Perhaps, instead of lashing out at this, we can take it as a motivation to be more involved in kiruv, both for rechokim and kirovim.

    • Who cares if he married out of his Jewish faith? Who cares if he cut off all future Jewish chain linking us to Mount Sinai? Who cares if he trampled on Gods holy Torah? Let’s make him our new hero and role model.

      You mean like Open Orthodoxy? Are you now being milamed zchus on the OO crowd? “Tinuk shenishba” is one of the most over used and misused terms. Basically, you can pattur up every avarian/sinner with labeling them tinuk shenishba. Everything goes. No need for teshuva. No need for God R”L. Everyone is happy. Why can’t we all just get along? We must show “ahavas yisroel”. Tikun olam. Don’t judge. Live and let live. Bla bla bla.
      Just keep going along that path and there will be no more Torah and no more yiddishkeit R”L! All in the name of dan licav zchus and “tinuk shenishba”. After all, we must be politically correct and we can never ever hurt a sinners feelings.
      Amaleik will emerge victorious!!!

      • how many jews were turned non-religious by Yeshivas or lack there of? yet where is your outrage? “crickets”!

  7. Everyone chill out. Nobody says he is trying to bring this a peace offering between him and G-d. I am not saying he is a tzadik but it’s pretty cute that he identifies as a Jew.

  8. Question for all you Tinok SheNishbar haters: If he would offer a million dollars to your Lakewood yeshiva would you think differently about him? I’m fairly certain you would.
    And I’m fairly certain the tone of all your negative comments would take a quick about-face.
    Fakers and haters, all of you.

    • Good point. Mark is takeh a tzaddik. We should all follow his path and intermarry. Maybe than the goyim will stop hating us. It worked very well in Germany, no? Why don’t you invite his lovely wife to speak in your daughters school? Who better to give over the mesorah? Tell your Rov this Shabbos that he should be the guest speaker before krias hatorah? We must accept him. HKBH is definitely shepping nachas.
      You seem to be suffering from some sort of guilt. Are you intermarried?

  9. Anyone who took my comment to your extreme must be on drugs, and a true fanatic.
    All I said was that I believe if he had donated a million dollars to a Lakewood school, most of the naysayers would have become yeasayers.
    How you get that and turn it into “are you intermarried” is truly troubling – and scary.
    Your anger and hate bubbles out. You should seek therapy quickly.

  10. Why did only person get the point here?

    The Commish March 4, 2018 at 6:21 pm
    He baked Humentaschen. There is still a spark of Yiddishkeit in him waiting to be ignited.

    Keep making a Kiddush Hashem in everything you do, keep smiling and greeting your not-yet-religious neighbors and let’s all Daven to Hashem to bring back his lost children.


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