Mark Zuckerberg Holds ‘Constructive’ Meeting With Donald Trump

Bloomberg photo by David Paul Morris.
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President Trump met Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg in the White House on Thursday, in an apparent effort to address lawmakers’ concerns over everything from the company’s plans to launch a cryptocurrency, to data privacy and allegations of political bias.

The meeting — one of several held by the social media network’s founder in his first visit to Capitol Hill since he faced Congress in tense hearings about the Cambridge Analytica scandal last year — was “constructive”, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

It came at the end of a hectic day of meetings with senior politicians on Capitol Hill, where  Zuckerberg was asked by at least one senator — the Republican Josh Hawley — if he would consider selling WhatsApp and Instagram to meet the concerns of some who believe the company has grown too large and powerful.

Zuckerberg reportedly resisted the request.

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