Marriage Visa Law May Hinder British-Israeli Shidduchim


chareidi-boys-bochurimA tightening of the marriage visa law requiring potential immigrants who want to marry in Britiain to learn English before they come to Britain has sent a shockwave through the chareidi community. The new law, to be introduced in September, will mean that applicants will be asked to produce proof of their English studies when they apply for their visa.Michoel Posen of Agudas Israel Community Services, who led the unsuccessful fight against the raising of the marriage visa age from 18 to 21, said, “This is a big problem for us. It is worst for those from non-English speaking countries, such as Israel or South America.

“What is being gained by introducing this? It is another nail in the coffin of British people wanting to make an Israeli shidduch (match),” he said.

{ Newscenter}


  1. So just get married in Israel. I am not sure of the point of the law – unless it is talking about if you want to live there, which I think is good. You want to live in a country you should know the language.

  2. This article is not very clear. I wonder if it means when people who live in Israel have a shidduch in UK. I know of a situation like that, they had zekanim on the English side of the family who couldn’t travel so they made the chasanah in England.

  3. The biggest problem with the new law is that it makes it extremely difficult for someone under 21 from outside the UK to move to the UK to marry someone. (Regardless whether they married inside the UK or outside the UK.)

    The language requirement is an additional burden.

  4. Its there to protect us from bnei dodainu hayishmiailim whom the torah calls pere udum from entering the country and planning more terrorist attacks, every country should adopt the language requirment part of the bill to encourage safety, but dont expect our president to adopt it, but when he’s gone in 2 years we will i.y.h. have a chance of this happening. But the under 21 part of the bill is futile and discrimination.


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